TLR-7 SUBs into the Game!

The TLR7 was an awesome light when it was announced. Something besides O-Light or Inforce that fit flush to the end of the barrel with a Glock 19. It was not a super high lumen light, but for those people that cared about aesthetics, it was awesome.

Then Glock released the railed 48 and the railed 43X. The TLR7 was the perfect size for those too and literally, nobody else was making a light to fit those guns. It was a perfect happy accident! Except, that it didn’t fit the guns. It looked like it should, everything was lined up properly. The light was just a little too wide and the gun was a little too slim. The light wouldn’t crank tight enough to secure it to the gun.

So several months later Surefire announced they would be making a light for those models! Finally, a light that would fit. Except, it’s Surefire. So it’s a $300 light for a subcompact/slimline gun. It also didn’t boast any impressive specs and it also just didn’t exist either. They announced it but nobody had it.

Then several months after that, Streamlight announced the TLR7-Sub. Which was specifically designed to fit the 48 and 43X frames. Hallelujah!! Now, several months after that. Almost a full year and a half later. We finally have our hands on the Streamlight TLR7-Sub. As somebody who owns a 48 MOS I’m pretty excited. I strongly dislike carrying my EDC without a light. In the summer I wear gym shorts a lot and carrying a smaller gun helps me not have to worry about it. I am also a firm believer that every firearm needs to have a light on it for many reasons. One being you can’t shoot what you cant see. Second, being for liability reasons if you ever do have to use your pistol. Not the point here.

The point is that I finally have my hands on this light and I’m excited to see how it performs. We do a lot of low-light shooting and training and it’s always great to get more practice with your EDC gear than anything. The light sticks out a little bit past the muzzle on a 43X and a little bit before the muzzle on a 48. The light hangs out wider than the gun on both sides. Making the overall width of the gun wider. The buttons are clicky and tactile. They feel good on each press. Only a 500 lumen light and a 1.5hr run time.

Overall I’m excited to get some time with this light on a gun. We love putting parts and guns through their paces so we can give correct and accurate opinions of products that we sell. Lots of places don’t have gun guys working their phones and selling their products. You won’t have that here. All of our guys and gals that you would interact with, all know their stuff. They learn and train and do their best to give you the best information when you’re buying products from us!