Future Surplus…

Earlier this week some of the guys were talking about surplus and the lack of it. How things used to be in the surplus world and how things have changed so drastically since we have been in business. For those of you that aren’t aware, the surplus is basically as dry as it’s ever been. Most things on the market are from private individuals and the price is tenfold what it used to be OR somebody found a cache of random guns somewhere and told nobody and paid a butt-ton to have them imported and the rifles now cost a ton because they are the only surplus actively being brought into the country. Giving them the ability to charge whatever they want to.

It’s crazy to think about since most modern gun owners older than 21 remember the times where we had $65 Mosins and other rifles. $25 Nagant Revolvers. When you could walk out of AIM with 1000rds of ammo, a Garand, and an AK and still not spent enough to have the wife barking mad at you. Times sure have changed. Simply because as a country, we purchased all the surplus in other countries that we could get our hands-on. We have more guns in this private market than you could even imagine.

Now, what do you think surplus might look like in the future? Instead of old wooden crates of cosmoline covered Mosins. Will we see pelican trunks full of MK18s? or maybe MK12s? Do you anticipate even seeing any surplus military guns at all? Since the CMP is basically the only entity capable of getting their hands on US guns. We all know how they operate. You can also probably remember the $1,000 dollar Shooter Grade 1911s they were selling. It’s crazy what they are willing to sell to civilians who already helped pay for the guns in the first place with their taxes.

I would like to see crates of Trijicon optics, old used dusty suppressors, MK18 uppers tossed into a crate, and maybe even some old NVGs. Just in general see more modern era surplus start to exist for the civilian market to start gobbling up again. If you start to get more and more people into this era of firearms, the negative stigma that has been impacting the industry for the longest time can start to fade. Everyone jokes about their grandpa having a shotgun in the truck or loaded at the house. Even the most far-left-leaning liberal has no objection to that shotgun. It would be nice to start getting to the point where the AR15 is in the same boat. Where it’s just another tool that everyone owns because they are cheap and plentiful.

What do you guys think? Am I being too hopeful? Do you think that something different might be the case. If you read this far, reach out on social media and let’s chat about it. What you think might be the more likely route or items you would like to see in general!