BA barrels are BA!

We have been big fans of Ballistic Advantage for years now. We love to see them grown and become more and more popular. When the pandemic hit, BA told us that they were going to discontinue a bunch of their barrels because they just didn’t have the material or means to keep up with the huge number of orders they were taking in.

The good news is that they now offer some of the best configurations out here and none of the mediocre stuff that a lot of people overlook away. When building a MK18 clone, most people will cheat and use a 10.5 barrels because it’s close enough and readily available. BA decided to just ditch the 10.5 because the 10.3 is more accurate to that build and to the people building smaller guns and have no clue what the MK18is, it makes no difference to them. We have seen some of the better configurations come out of BA lately. I am a huge fan of the Hanson Profile, just like everyone else is.

They have a new premium line of barrels that now come with the gas block included and offer a “Sub- MOA” accuracy guarantee. Which is insane for the price. Most barrel manufactures don’t offer stuff like that because it’s hard to prove. There are many things outside of the barrel that makes it shoot more than “Sub-MOA” mainly being the shooter and the ammo used. They however know they can stand by their products no matter what. Which is a great deal in the industry.

We have all their current offering on the website right now. We have hundreds of .223/5.56 barrels, the premium lines, 9mm barrels, and .300Blackout. Pretty much every popular size as well. Make sure to stop by and check it out while we have them. Once more people realize we have what we have, they won’t last long!