PPU 54R is all the Fancy!

Prvi Partizan is a company you’ll hear me talk about all the time on this blog. It’s my personal go-to ammo manufacturer and we have been doing business with them for years and years. One of the first calibers they started manufacturing was the ever so popular 7.62x54R round.

The 7.62x54R cartridge is still in use in several places around the world. For instance, the Russian military still uses it in things like their Dragunov sniper rifle and PKM machine gun. For as long as the caliber has been around, there have been plenty of surplus guns chambered in it and many still being shot on a daily in the USA.

One of the most popular being the Mosin Nagant. There are several million of these rifles across the world and in various hands of civilians and military personnel alike. Cheap 54R ammo makes plinking with a large caliber gun very fun. Nothing like 300 rounds in a range session with a Mosin to give you shoulder muscles that look like they have been chiseled by the Gods themselves.

With the ammo being cheap and plinking fun, PPU stepped in because there are a number of places and people that were asking for high quality precision ammo for the same reason. It was relatively cheap to buy and the guns themselves were everywhere. Now a days even with the Pandemic, 54R is still readily available and probably being shot by a lot more people than 9mm and .223/5.56 is. For years people were able to stock up on some of the cheapest ammo in 54R and now that they wanna shoot, but not waste their good ammo, they can go blow a few hundred rounds of the 54R and have fun without breaking the bank.

People overlook the 54R sometimes and I love to dive into why they shouldn’t. Its a long service military round, its relatively cheap and available, and the guns that shoot it can be found anywhere. Not to mention it still has the ammo support of places like PPU behind it. Making brand new brass ammo almost all year round. If you have a 54R gun and have only been shooting steel out of it, check out some of this PPU on the website and grab a few boxes to test how well you can group that Mosin with iron sights at 100yards. Will make your next range trip well worth it!