Mr. Smith, Welcome Back…

A week ago we got in the police M&P9s and they were a huge hit! We sold hundreds of them and we sold over 500 used magazines to match. They were some of the best condition police trade-ins we have had the whole year. What’s cool is we just added more to the website!

People shouldn’t underestimate these guns. The M&P9s were some of the most popular handguns in the United States for quite a while. They were the go-to handgun for a lot of law enforcement and military personnel. The ability to change the back strap to fit your specific hand size better is a lot more important than you think. It helps dictate your grip and can easily be the difference between hitting what you’re aiming at and missing high right. Any time you’re discharging your weapon in a legitimate situation, the last thing you wanna worry about is missing.

The M&P platform is a great place to start for any new shooter, hardcore class junkie, or a seasoned veteran. They can take one of the best triggers out there. The APEX kit is by far the best trigger upgrade in any handgun, anywhere. Just my personal opinion, but I think there are plenty of people that would agree with me.

With most new guns being at almost MSRP or even some places above retail, it’s nice to be able to get a good used gun and save some dough. Use some of that money to buy that apex trigger or some ammo, or even more magazines. You literally cannot go wrong picking up one of these guns. They are a fantastic value for the money. Check them out again and if you managed to let them slip once, don’t let it happen again. We do not know when we will see more of these guns in this good of condition!