Rise of the Micro-Dots!

This week in the mountain of new and restocked products that we got in, I noticed a familiar box with a different product inside of it. The Holosun red dots all have similar packaging and just at a glance, you wouldn’t notice any difference. Upon inspection, you would see the insides are different. Much like this Holosun 407K!

From the outside, the 407K and the 507K are identical except for the 1 number difference in the markings. Same battery tray, same battery. Same glass and housing even. The big difference is the LED emitter inside. The 507K gives you 3 options. The 2MOA dot, a circle, and a circle dot.

The 407K however, gives you just one single option. A 6MOA Dot. Now some people might not know why I’m taking time out of my day to write about a $90 difference in very similar products. The key here is that this is one of the very few times, where the cheaper option might just be the more superior.

The 6MOA dot on a micro pistol seems like it is the better option. The 407K and the 507K have very tiny windows. The option of using a circle dot or a circle is kind of limited to the smaller area to actually see it. I would rather run a smaller dot that gives me more visibility overall. I think that the 6MOA dot could be smaller. My preference is a 2.5 or 3.25MOA dot. I think that option somewhere in between the price of these 2 would be the ultimate option.

The Micro-Red dots are becoming more and more popular and the price on them is becoming more and more attractive. I think that in another year or so. We will start seeing more serious options that go beyond cheap glass or polymer housings. We will start seeing other companies getting on board and trying to compete.

Let me know what you guys think about the 407K compared to the 507K. Is the ability to have the other reticles that important to you on a micro-compact handgun? Is the price difference enough to make the 407K the better option? Check out both products on our website and find all the info in the item descriptions!