New Cerakoted Aim Slides!

We have started to experiment with some new came cerakote patterns for our budget friendly Aim 2S Slides. These slides are a great value. Typically you would spend about $100 to get any slide cerakoted in general. Plus you would pay $200+ for a RMR and front serration slide. So you’re looking at a total price of about $300 and we are selling the slides for right at $200. You’re basically getting the cerakote for free!

These are 17 and 19 gen 3 and they are cut for the RMR footprint. They will work with any mil spec components you would use to complete the slide or the normal factory stuff that comes in a Glock already. They are the perfect way to get a fancy slide to upgrade your gun or complete a P80 build you have laying around.

I’m going to talk less in this blog and allow you to just look at all the new colors. If you’re interested in one, stop on over to the website and grab one while you can! We expect these slides to sell pretty fast because of the insane amount of value that we have stuffed into them!