One Sig to rule them all

People always want to know more about our employees. One of the most asked questions we get is ” what’s your favorite gun?” or “what gun are you carrying every day?”

So I figured today I would give you a glimpse into what my answer is… at the moment. lol

My go-to class gun as I would call it. Is my Sig Legion P320. I call it my class gun because it’s an almost 4lb gun when loaded. It’s the gun that I will shoot the most at the range, will take to classes, and compete with. It’s a gun that I am the most proficient with but does not meet the criteria that I have for a carry gun. I love my Legion. It shoots super flat and is crazy heavy. The recoil is almost minimal and makes the gun a joy to shoot. I rock a Leupold Deltapoint Pro. The 2.5MOA version with a simple red dot. It’s a big window and a nice clean crisp dot. I used to run a SRO but it sits a little bit higher than I like and the Leupold fits directly to the slide without an optic plate.

The gun that I do carry however is my 19X. This gun used to be my class gun until I got to the point that I was significantly more proficient with it than any other gun I had ever owned. That gave me the trust in the gun that I wanted it to be my carry gun. I knew that If I ever had to pull this gun, it would be my best chance at succeeding in whatever reason I needed it for. I run quite a few things on this that most people will disagree with.

I rock the SRO with 5MOA dot. I run no backup iron sights. That right there is the part most people won’t like. I enjoy a clear dot with no obstructions in the window at all. I trust the SRO to always have a dot and to not fail me. I know that if the dot does fail, I have enough proficiency to get solid hits from my previous training with this gun. I had it stippled by a co-worker of mine. It has a Parker mountain machine compensator and an apex trigger. these are all things that I think give me my best chance to win in a gunfight.

I carry in a Tier1 Concealed Axis slim holster at the 1 o’clock position. I am a rather large individual and this is the only holster that I can successfully do this with. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my armory and my personal collection.