If Ed Hardy designed a Glock

I would like you all to take a minute. Close your eyes and try and remember back into the past with me. The Year is 2007 and everywhere you look, you see “Affliction” Shirts, “Ed Hardy” outfits and Buckle Jeans. Everyone has over-gelled Spiked hair and G.T.L. is still an annoying thing. Now pretend that all that horrific style got transferred over to one of the hottest Glocks on the market.

Introducing the Laser engraved Tiffany Blue Glock 43 with Rose frame etching! This gun will either have a Love it or hate it response. Just like any custom gun. I’ll be honest too. I don’t hate it. The laser stippling is well done and the color isn’t my favorite, but I have definitely seen worse out there. This was a limited run done for a specific distributor.

Most people would pay full price for the gun and then send it out to have this work done to it. They would probably pay another $500 on top of the price of the gun for this kind of work. So if you’re still living in the Ed Hardy era and you like stuff like this. Then it’s definitely a deal! You’re basically paying for the gun and getting all the framework for free. Everyone has a different taste for firearms and about them being customized or not. Either way, these are pretty unique guns. We had a couple pop into the shop and they will undoubtedly sell fast. Regardless of what I personally think about guns like these, the positive thing is, that it’s going to be somebody’s carry gun. I’d rather them carry this gun to match their style than to not carry one at all.