In this case right here, is what I would consider one of the best CCW guns on the market. I say this for many reasons.

Let me introduce to you the ZEV Technologies Elite Covert OZ9. The number one reason I would consider this one of the best CCW options is because it is exactly the correct configuration that most avid CCW shooters have been asking for. In the Glock world, people have been asking for a Long slide on a short frame for literally YEARS. They have been beating around the bush and not doing one from the factory. Other companies have come out with 19L slides and polymer 80 shorter frames. Just, unfortunately, falling short in one way or another.

The Covert is essentially a 17 slide on a 19 frame. Combining 2 of the best/ most carried handguns in the country. You get the benefit of the longer slide and barrel with the shorter more compact and easy to conceal frame. Some people can conceal a 19 with no problem. Some would like the full size 17 because of the better capacity and grip, but the added length to the frame sticks out and prints on your person more than lots of people would like.

Zev has taken the configuration that lots of people have asked for. Made a quality pistol to fit the build. Then given you the option that if you don’t like it, No problem. Just swap out the slide for a shorter slide and you have a normal 19 sized firearm. Not your cup of tea either? No problem. Just change the grip to a 17 grip and now you have a normal 17 sized firearm.

The ability to have the full size barrel, the longer sight radius and the slight increase in accuracy. When carrying a gun I would say that most people would agree that you want as many advantages as possible. So all those factors come into play. It stinks when you have to sacrifice capacity and accuracy for a smaller gun thats easier to conceal. Thanks to ZEV, you no longer have to do that though.

The ZEV OZ9 series of pistols just drip and ooze quality. They are perfectly machined guns and I would have no worries carrying one on a daily basis. We did not get many of these guns in and they are in super high demand. So head over to the website and snag one before you miss your chance!