Easter Mags for your Basket

Everyone knows we here at AimSurplus LOVE Duramags. They are some of our favorite cost effective, colorful and quality magazines. They make a ton of different mags for a ton of different calibers. Lots of the calibers they make magazines for, they are the only one doing it. Which is awfully cool of them to be doing for those guys who are looking to buy a complete magazine and not have to modify an existing magazine to try a new caliber or to load a wildcat round.

One of the things they are most known for are their colorful aluminum magazines. They come in a wide variety of colors: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, OD Green, Grey and Bronze. I even heard a rumor they were going to finally start doing a FDE 20rd magazine in the near future. Which means that for all of us that want the colors in different calibers and sizes, might just be in luck.

Please enjoy these pictures from my personal Easter celebration. While the bunny may be slightly creepy, pay attention to how well the Pink and Blue magazines compliment the rifle and Bunny so well. If you’re interested in picking up some of these magazines yourself, we have them over on the website. We get shipments from Duramag daily. So if the color you are looking for is out of stock, just sign up for the restock email and hop on them when you see them come back in stock!