Mag Dump Monday

We talk about going to the range and running drills and training hard. That’s always fun sure. Do you know what is just as fun? Mag Dumps and shooting to shoot. Relieve some stress. That is precisely what I and world-famous Josh Vance did this weekend. For once, in I don’t know how long, we did not put up drills to run or set up stages. We loaded up mags, and just dumped them. It was fun and much-needed after a long week. We ran MP5s, Staccatos, MPX’s, Flux braces and a 365xl. Tossed cans on anything that would hold them, and just had fun. It was a welcomed change of pace.

We also may have put on a costume and done a Halloween photoshoot. That is for a different time though.

Hit the range and go have fun. It can be training and doing drills sure but, go mag dump and let your inner Rambo out to feast!


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