LaRue Tactical!

We are now carrying LaRue Tactical! Usually, they deal with smaller shops or shops they have some sort of relationship with, well we finally got in a spot where they are allowing us to distribute some of their cool stuff!

Optic mounts, Light Mounts, Triggers, Uppers, Rail Panels, Handstops and much much more!

Let’s talk about Dryfire

I have noticed a lot of talk recently about dryfire but more specifically “managing recoil when dryfiring” A lot of people say no to this but there are a good number of people who claim they can work on managing recoil without actually firing their gun.

I am a nobody but I do shoot pretty often and I have been fortunate enough to shoot with some insanely talented shooters. I do not dry fire really, sometimes I will if I want to work on something I noticed or if I want to try something out. I just don’t have the time to do it or care enough to do it, I tend to work on flaws or adjustments at the range every time anyway. My thoughts on this come from what I have learned myself as well as what I have been taught. I do not think you can “Manage” recoil in dry fire for one main reason: there is no recoil.

You are pretending to know how the gun is going to react/recoil. You have no accurate way of measuring, you are guessing what it is going to be so in this practice you are conditioning yourself or developing muscle memory into either more recoil or less because of what you are thinking it’s going to be. You cannot predict how a car takes a turn by sitting in it parked in the garage. You have an idea of what it will do but you won’t know until you actually push it.

People argue you are working on your grip and your sights which are two things you are using to mitigate that recoil. Sure, but there is no recoil. The first part of managing the recoil is the grip, so I get where that comes from. It is when you are applying the pressure and seeing what works at what time is where the live fire comes in. If you are gripping your gun exactly how you do in live fire, your arms are going to be smoked in 15-20 mins from that. So I guess you can work on perfecting everything up to the recoil happening but managing actual recoil isn’t going to happen without the presence of actual recoil which is then not dry fire.

I am not saying dryfire is a waste of time, it’s a fantastic use of time especially when you are new to shooting and trying to find that perfect draw, grip, or presentation. I think it’s a good tool for transitioning to different targets and a very good tool for dialing that grip in and how you want it.

I do also think that there is no one correct way to dry fire, you may do it to only work on your draw or for reloads, either way, you are doing it. That is the most important part, you are taking the steps to be better.

Showroom Announcement!

The showroom has outgrown its size way faster than anticipated and it’s been awesome. So to make things a little smoother down there we are doing a little refresh of sorts, and due to that we will have a closed showroom for a couple days

New Brand Alert

Q! You either love them or hate them, that’s what two options you have when it comes to Q. Well we hope you love them because they are one of the newest brands we stock. Right now on 2/5/24, we have Honey Badgers, The Fix, Mini Fix, and Sugar Weasel on the way! We have muzzle devices like the cherry bomb, whistle tip, and bottle rocket as well as braces and stocks with more arriving soon. A little something for everyone!

Shot Show From a Distance

I was not lucky enough to go to Shot this year however I did see some really cool items that I am excited for. Here is what I am looking forward to seeing come in

Aero Precisons M4E1 Pro.

The M4E1 Pro lower receiver is the full ambi version of the awesome M4E1. The right-side bolt catch is in a good place and easy to engage. It looks good and it’s Aero quality so I think it will be a hit. I tried to get a good picture of one but nothing official yet and everything I can borrow is not good quality. So screen grabs will do:

Next up, Holosun Iris Laser/Illuminator.

Holosun keeps crushing it and hopefully pushes other brands to lower prices. Their optics in the last 3 years have been fantastic and some of the best in the game. Now their laser stuff is approaching that level. A couple of tweaks here and there and you can have amazing civilian offerings.

Next up is one that’s weird looking but I kinda love it. The Alien Creator from Laugo Arms.

This thing is crazy looking in a good way, it has some really cool features that users requested and a company actually listened!

Decreased grip angle, more towards a 1911 grip. Low profile magazine base pads, an interchangeable top rail so you can compete in carry optics or an iron sight division and you just swap top rails instead of having to unscrew and rezero a bunch. You have a fixed barrel and nonlocking slide for fast cycle time, and super customizable grip panels to really get your custom fit, and then one of the coolest features: the lowest bore axis in the game.

SDS Imports has some cool stuff coming out too, a double stack 1911 and a couple MP5 clones but actually what got my attention is their new shotguns. They are so cool Agency decided to use them as a base for some of their new stuff.

There is so much cool stuff coming out and countless videos from Shot showing all of them but I wanted to just do a quick rundown of some stuff that caught my eye! I cannot wait to see what this year brings.

February Giveaway is LIVE!

Time is flying, it is already the second month of the year and we are on to our second giveaway!

This time we are going with something really cool. The SOLGW M489 13.7″ Rifle, pinned and welded with their NOX muzzle device to make it 16″

These things are super super rad. It features their new M89 Drive Lock Rail, enhanced Trigger, and the Vltor A5 buffer system. SOLGW has nothing to hide with its quality builds.

All you have to do to win it?

Like our IG Pages @aimsurplus and @aimsurplus_showroom

Maybe even share it if you are feeling like spreading the gospel.

New Brand Alert

We are now going to be stocking Q products!

Right now we have the D-Bags in but on the way are some rad rifles. In transit to us we have honey badgers, mini fix and fix and the sugar weasel!

Accessories are coming in too aka muzzle devices, suppressors and more!

The Sig Sauer P322 Comp

Built for the range, the new P322-COMP is designed with a list of features that make the P322 platform even more fun to shoot. This pistol is designed with a barrel-mounted compensator for reduced muzzle rise, a slide-mounted racker, a 25-round extended magazine for increased capacity, a ROMEOZero ELITE red dot optic for fast target acquisition as well as a sport takedown lever, and an extended mag release for quicker operation.

A pretty cool little plinker that you can enjoy but also go compete with!