New Swag Alert!

It doesn’t happen very often, but we have a new T-Shirt Design running right now! This “Graffiti” design is something our owner has had in his back pocket for a good while now. The logo is an old school style throwback to our roots of being founded in the 90’s.

We have a ton of customers that support us and local guys that have been asking us for shirts that don’t seem as ” gun related” so they can wear them more places without it being obviously a gun shirt. This one I think fulfills that role! This will let you instantly be accepted by anybody over the age of 25 and under 35. It does give you a better handling speed when tagging any train cars and on your rifle reload. Those are the key points to keep in mind when purchasing this shirt.

All of our T-shirts and merchandise in general is always made in limited runs and doesn’t typically make a comeback. So now would be a good chance to grab a shirt and help support us while all the sizes are available! From Small to 4XL!

It’s A Lancer Party!

Yesterday we talked about how cool the Duramag aluminum mags were and about how they dominate the color mags when it comes to the metal options. Now, let’s talk about some Lancer Mags. Lancer is very similar in their dominance. They dominate the Polymer side of the pretty color magazines.

They don’t have quite as many colors, but they do something that Duramag does a little different. Duramag has a large supply and keeps them stocked at almost all times. Lancer however keeps them stocked a little more exclusively. You might go a few months without seeing red mags. (Like we are now) Doing so drives the demand up for them to the next level.

They are known for their translucent magazines and the colors they do tend to be vibrant and full of color. Plus you can still see your rounds in the mag through the color. This makes them almost the best of both world. They have become popular in a number of places and Lancer mags have always been known fo their quality. The color mags are no different. The reinforced feed lips tend to solve the issues that a lot of guys that avoid polymer mags have.

If you don’t own any Lancer mags I would definitely recommend picking some up. Especially if you can get your hands on the rare red and blue ones. They aren’t made in the same quantities as the FDE and purple it appears. So if you manage to get some, you’ll be able to flex on some of your friends.

Shoot the Rainbow!

Duramags have been popular for a long time now. They make some of the best aluminum and stainless steel AR15 magazines on the market right now. If you have a weird caliber AR15 like a 7.62×39 or a 6.5 Grendel, then you more than likely already own some Duramags because they are the most popular magazine for ARs in the odd calibers. They tend to feed reliably and consistently and work well.

The past few years they have been releasing their simple Aluminum magazine in a variety of colors that have been crazy popular. Everyone knows somebody that has done some sort of color scheme to their AR. It is annoying having to paint mags or pay to have them cerakoted for just 1 rifle. These magazine come in at the normal price and are decently easy to find. They look good, function good and are cheap comparatively.

They have a huge following and can also be used to help identify your magazines at the range. They can even help quickly identify the caliber without having to look. If you know you only brought red mags to the training class, then you won’t have to worry about getting mags mixed up with a neighbor. If you have .300 Blackout and a 5.56 at the range it can be catastrophic if you get the ammo mixed up the wrong way. If you know that the blue mags only get loaded with .300, then you’ll know right away that you’ve made a mistake or a buddy has if you see a blue mag in your 5.56.

Whether you want them for the form or the function, they are great magazines. Duramag has reliably taken control of the metal AR magazine market and I don’t see them losing that position any time soon.

Ruger is in the Hunt

The .22LR world is hurting pretty bad right now I think it is safe to say. In the past year and a half now, I have had less than about 50 cases of .22LR come in for us to sell. Whenever something happens in the country and people start to panic buy, .22LR dries up insanely fast. People think it’s a caliber that is typically the cheapest to shoot and usually is the cheapest to buy. Right now though, it’s been in such high demand and so little available quantity, that many people just arent shooting their .22LRs at all.

I would say the typical gun owner should have 1000rds of each caliber that they shoot on hand. That’s a good number and it’s fairly easy to obtain. If you talk to a .22LR guy, he would say 5,000 or even 10,000. Just because the ammo used to be so cheap. It allows you to shoot often without breaking the bank and without digging into your stash too far. If you have 5,000 rounds and shoot maybe 100 or 2 a month, you have more than a year’s worth of ammo. 10,000rds of 9mm or even .223 can be pretty expensive and take up a lot of room. Bricks of .22LR are so small and were relatively cheap that you could get 10,000rds into the bottom of your safe and not feel like you have to eat ramen for the next 3 months.

Right now .22LR has been scarce. I would say that most of the guys who had nice big stockpiles of the ammo are starting to get to the point where they aren’t too comfortable digging into it because it’s not going to be as easy to replace. Even the most prepared guy has shot a few thousand rounds by now just between having fun and scratching that itch to shoot. I would say besides 9mm at the price of 2010, .22LR is the most commonly asked for ammo right now.

Even though the ammo is difficult to get. The firearms are popping up more and more frequently. This is where people are messing up though. Even if you can’t find the ammo right NOW, you will eventually. Some of the more rare and harder to find .22LR models are going up for sale and being ignored by the normal .22LR guys that would grab them up. This is the general population’s chance to get some of the cool and unique .22LRs out there. The Ruger Hunter MKIV for example. It is a very sought-after Ruger and we have had it in stock for almost a week. Usually, these guns don’t last a few hours. This is the chance for somebody that has been trying to track one down, to do so. Things like these don’t last long and it’s good news if you’ve been looking for one.

Slow and Steady…

The top picture on this post was from March 19th, 2020. This was only a few days into the start of Ohio’s closing. While there may still be some products on the pallets and look like some of the ammo is still sitting there. It is all actually sold. It was just waiting to be picked up and put and a box to be shipped. For almost all of 2020, our warehouse stayed just like that. We didn’t even have enough product in the building to just put things in the empty spaces.

Fast forward to now, July 2021. We can see that it’s starting to be back to a normal supply. This is one of the good signs we have been waiting for as a country. This means that distributors and manufacturers and starting to fulfill bigger orders. They are finally shipping in a more consistent manner and the product at least exists in some form. While there is still a very large demand throughout the country, the bigger companies are starting to get a good stock again.

Because the demand is still so high in general, the prices still have not dropped too much. You still have plenty of people buying ammo. It might not always be the end-user, but if smaller dealers, schools, police departments, etc are still buying. Then the price is still not going to fluctuate too much. There is still plenty of ammo and money still changing hands.

Eventually, we will get to the point where the manufacturers have to start being more competitive with their pricing because retailers and consumers will have ammo again. That is when we will start to see a decrease in price. When will that happen though? Could be this year, could be 3 years from now. It’s incredibly difficult to tell. I will say that right now we have a good stock. So if you haven’t been buying or you got caught off guard with the pandemic. Now is a great time to stock up and make sure that it doesn’t happen to you again. The prices are more reasonable and you actually have options again.

Chicks Dig Scars!

Everyone knows that FN is a quality manufacturer. Everyone knows that because of that, all FN products come with a nice big price tag. The Scar 20s in 6.5 Creedmoor is no exception. It is currently being sold on our website for $3999.99. This is actually a steal for this gun since so many other places are charging above MSRP for it. These guns are also made in a limited quantity for each production run.

The 20s is cool because… well, just look at it. The Multi-FDE coloring that doesn’t match anything else on the gun is so iconic and awesome. It takes the base Scar rifle, bulks it up in size and weight and barrel length, and then makes one badass DMR rifle.

The 20in barrel and 6.5Creedmoor round means you’re gonna be able to reach out further than your skill would probably normally allow. The gun weighs an absolute ton before you toss on any accessories. Easily an 8-10lb gun when everything is all set and done. The benefit though is that all that weight is going to be an advantage to managing the recoil. Making fast follow-up shots super easy.

Now is the time to start picking up these rarer and harder-to-find guns because the demand has been so high for so long. If you don’t pick them up when you see them, then the chances of finding them later don’t get better. Check out the sight and see what all we have going on!

Showroom deals are “In-Stock”

Our showroom has been popping! We have tons of products on sale. Tons of in-store only specials and lots of competitive pricing. We have a bunch of guns that have been hard to find. We have tons of calibers of ammo in the building that not a lot of other places have. We have a few surplus items, lots of LEO Trade-in items, and new AR parts and accessories coming out of all our crevices. Tell your neighbor, tell your friends and even your neighbor’s friends that we are finally starting to get actual stock of items. Now is the time to stop in and get a good deal. We all know that lots of dealers aren’t putting things on sale and nobody has inventory built up. We are one of the lucky few that are actually doing both!

Sig M400 Switchblade Hands On

Very rarely does a new “AR” release get me excited. Especially from the big manufacturers because they are the ones typically doing the least amount of what I want or even like. They try to appeal to the masses and cover their bases and they never really put out complete guns that make sense to buy instead of build myself.

This is one of the first Sig Sauer rifles since the MCX that I think customers/consumers should actually be excited about. They have put together an 11.5in upper on one of the coolest lowers they forgot they make. With one of the newest pistol braces and some of the coolest features in the rifle that I have seen as of late.

Let’s start with the lower. The lower is cool because not many people even know this lower has existed. It is a full AMBI lower. Now many of you know that the Ambi lowers out there will drop the bolt from the left side but not lock it. This one will actually allow you to lock and drop the bolt from the left-hand side. It also has an Ambi mag release and a 2 stage trigger. The trigger is slightly heavy but overall the lower is fantastic. This lower could only be found in the older VTAC rifles Sig put together. They were limited run, expensive guns that not many knew about. Now you have the ability to get one of the coolest lowers out there again!

The 11.5in upper has a cool new handguard from Sig. They have a new mounting system that is different from their previous guns. The Gunmetal grey ceraokte on it reminds me of the same color that’s on the MCX. This might be a little less blue. I also wish the MCX didn’t have the blue tint to it either. The brace is the new one from Magpul and when you shoulder it, there is a nice cheek weld. You can adjust it with the pull of the lever and combine it with the gun overall. You get a pretty lightweight package. I own several 11.5in guns and I don’t think any of them are as light as the Switchblade is. It also ships with 1 Gen 2 Pmag and a hand stop piece for the rail.

We only got a handful of these guns in and anything “NEW” sells out fast. So here is your early notice, head to the sight and check them out!

Aim Glock Barrel Enhancements!

We have been sold out of our super popular N3 Glock 17 and 19 barrels for a few weeks now. We have had these barrels made for us for years and they come in well under the market average for a quality replacement Glock barrel. They were a normal cut and crown and did the job. Recently though we decided we wanted to make our barrels just a little bit different than before. So we decided to have the barrels flush cut and target crowned now.

We think this is an upgrade/enhancement that makes the barrel feel and looks like a more premium item. Typically the more time a part spends on a machine getting additional cuts or machining done to it, the more it ends up costing in the end. We have been able to add this without increasing the price. Which makes this an even better barrel for the price now!

We also had a ton of you guys request this because there were not a lot of barrel manufacturers doing this. The ones that were would charge a premium price for it. So you asked and we listened. Moving forward we think it will be popular enough to do on all our non-threaded barrels. This week was our first batch of them since the change and we only had a few hundred come in. If you want to grab one while we have them now would be the time. We definitely have more coming, but it could be a gap of a few weeks. Let us know what you think of this change or if you literally couldn’t care less.

MR.BCM MCMR… That’s not confusing!

When it comes to building ARs, everyone has a personal preference every step of the way. That is what makes the AR platform so cool. Everyone can build a gun with their favorite parts and still end up with guns that are nothing alike.

One thing that I personally like to do with a lot of my builds is to use the same rail. I like knowing that when I pick up any of my guns, the accessories are generally in the same spot. The rail that I use the most often is the BCM MCMR.

The BCM rails are super low profile, slim, rigid, and have one of my favorite mounting styles. Most of the time when you buy one it comes with a QD socket for a sling and sometimes an M-LOK pic rail to add on. The installation is super tight and you can tell just by installing the rail, that it’s not going to move on you at all. I have seen these rails take a bunch of abuse from a lot of high-up shooters.

The BCM handguard is also one of the best-selling handguards that we carry. We sell more of them than any other brand of rail. This means that there is a large number of people that also like the BCM rail. I think it’s because of the quality that people have come to know and love from BCM. Everything they do just exudes quality.

We have almost all the lengths of the BCM MCMR rails right now on the website. If you’ve been looking for a high-end rail at an affordable price then look no further. The BCM is where it’s at!