The nighttime is the right time!

In the wide world of firearm optics, the pursuit of superior performance in low-light conditions has always been a priority. Whether for hunting, tactical work, or personal defense, the ability to find your targets swiftly and accurately in the dark can make all the difference. The Holosun DRS-NV has entered the chat. A red dot sight designed specifically to excel in nighttime environments, elevating your shooting experience to a whole new level.

Holosun, renowned for its innovative optics solutions, has carved a niche in the industry by consistently pushing boundaries and addressing the evolving needs of shooters. One of the standout features of the Holosun DRS-NV is its blending of both conventional optics and night vision devices. This versatility allows shooters to seamlessly transition between daytime and nighttime operations without the need for additional equipment changes. Whether mounted on a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, the DRS-Nv delivers consistent performance across various platforms, making it a versatile solution for diverse shooting applications.

Battery life is not as good as their 50k hour red dots with solar charging but for what it’s doing I am very impressed. Power to do so is provided by two rechargeable 18350 lithium batteries. The batteries will last up to six hours on a single charge and can be recharged via a (provided) 5V Type-C USB cable. This can also be used to download stored videos and images. The DRS-NV utilizes Holosun’s “Shake Awake” technology. This automatically turns on the LED emitter when any movement is detected and similarly shuts down the optic once it becomes motionless.

Furthermore, the DRS-Nv boasts a durable and weather-resistant construction, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions without compromising performance. Its rugged design, coupled with precise windage and elevation adjustments, ensures reliable operation and consistent accuracy even in the most demanding environments.


In conclusion, the Holosun DRS-NV represents a paradigm shift in night vision optics, combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled versatility and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned operator, avid hunter, or recreational shooter, the DRS-Nv offers a distinct advantage in low-light environments, empowering you to achieve your shooting goals with confidence and precision. With its innovative features, robust construction, and uncompromising performance, the Holosun DRS-NV sets a new standard for red dot sights in nighttime applications, redefining the possibilities of nocturnal shooting experiences.

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