A revolution is upon us

Our Facebook page was taken away from us a couple weeks ago for nothing more than a photo of a LE trade-in. No pricing, no link, no mention of transaction at all. Now you may be saying “you guys had to have done something wrong” Well sure, we are on the wrong side of the agenda. Now by Facebook’s own policy, we have actually done more censoring than needed. Check it out:

So by their policy, we can post guns and items for sale as long as we are following the laws and regulations. If we post a gun with a dollar amount or any word describing a transaction, it gets taken down. If we use the same photo with no pricing but mention it is in stock, traded in, available, or anything like this, it will become flagged within a day or so. Then at the same time, a year will go by with no flags or warnings and randomly we will get a post taken down. There is no rhyme or reason.

Now the revolution will start. We want our page back.

We could have paid some crazy fee for a company to get the page back but it does not give us a clean slate, we are restored to where we got unpublished which seems like a huge waste. Which brings us to where we are now.

We have a brand new Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/AimSurplusLLC

Not only are we doing a new page we decided to make our monthly giveaway a part of it.

So everyone who follows our new Facebook page will be eligible to win a Bereta 1301 and Vortex Spitfire II optic!

and you know what, if you win and mention the blog when we notify you I’ll send you a hoodie and a shirt too!

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