Velox Training Group with Master P AKA Peter Woolard

The last installment from the Velox Class we all took a couple weeks ago. Master Class Shooter in USPSA: Peter Woolard

1. What is your prior firearm experience?

I’ve been shooting for about five years and have been competing in USPSA for four years now.  I’ve taken multiple classes from different high-level instructors. (I’ve only disappointed one of them personally though)

2. What firearm/setup were you shooting?

For day one I shot my M&P 2.0 with an Apex trigger, SRO, and frame and slide work by Monsoon Tactical.  On day two I shot my carry handle build with a Holosun red dot and Deadair Sandman S

3. What did you hope to learn going into this class?

I hoped to be able to refine my vision more.  Picking small spots on the target instead of looking at the whole target has been a struggle for me recently.

4. What was your biggest takeaway from the class?

The importance of vision.

5. What area did you improve the most?

Picking small spots on “harder” targets.

6. Is there anything you thought you would learn but did not?


7. What did you think of Nick’s teaching style?

Nick does a great job of explaining the whys and hows and showing you different examples of good and bad runs before he has you run a drill.  He was able to give clear feedback to each student that they could understand and start to implement immediately.

8. Are you interested in taking another of his rifle classes?

I would definitely train with Nick again.

9. What did you think of Nick’s standards?

The standards are difficult but definitely attainable.  I’m still kicking myself for failing them.

10. What’s next for you?

 I’m going to finish out the USPSA season and then probably shoot a lot of rifles over the winter.

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