Redemption: Bryan finally got his Turbo Pin from Gabe White.

Well, I just finished Gabe White’s Pistol Shooting Solutions class at Impact Shooting Center, and I finally earned his Turbo Pin.   If you haven’t heard of Gabe White, I will tell you this is a class you need to take.   Gabe is a world-renowned instructor and Competition shooter, who I guarantee will make you a better shooter.   

Gabe’s class is a good mix of defensive and performance in his instruction and drills.    He also packs in the value, he fits in 3 days of curriculum into two long days of class.  I appreciate this as a student, as I miss less work, and I do prefer fewer breaks and downtime in a class.    Gabe is also famous for his pin drills. In his class, there are four tests you will take twice each.   

  • The Bill Drill (six shots to the body)
  • Failure to Stop (two shots to the body and one shot to the head)
  • Immediate Incapacitation (two shots to the head)
  • The Split Bill Drill (four shots to the body and two shots to the head)  

To earn his Turbo pin, you must have four runs at the turbo time levels.  

(There is a .25 second time reduction from running the drills from concealed)

  • Bill Drill, 2.00 (Theoretical Breakdown:  1.00 + .20 + .20 + .20 + .20 + .20)
  • Failure to Stop, 1.70 (Theoretical Breakdown:  1.00 + .20 + .50)
  • Immediate Incapacitation, 2.00 (Theoretical Breakdown:  1.50 + .50)
  • Split Bill Drill, 2.60 (Theoretical Breakdown:  1.00 + .20 + .20 + .20 + .50 + .50)

I had taken the class one other time in 2019 and got a light pin (slower time standards) with three turbo times.  

In this class, I shot 5 turbo runs and finally earned the turbo pin.   Here are the results from my successful run.

-Bill drill run 1, 2.5-sec adj to 2.25

-Bill drill run 2, 2.25-sec adj to 2.00 (turbo run)

-Failure to Stop run 1, 1.72, adj to 1.48 (turbo run)

-Failure to Stop run 2, 1.68, missed headshot

-Immediate incapacitation run 1 1.98 (turbo run)

-Immediate incapacitation run 2 2.34 but had a missed headshot

-Split Bill Drill Run 1 2.68, adj to 2.43 (turbo run)

-Split Bill Drill Run 1 2.75, adj to 2.50 (turbo run)

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