Velox Training Group Pistol/Rifle Class

This past weekend I and two other AIM Guys were lucky enough to take a class with Nick Young. Personally, I was very excited to take a rifle class because I have never done one and I do not have much time behind rifles. Here is my take on the class and later on I will have Matt and Pete give me their views on it

The easiest way to explain it: It is an absolute blast.

Phenomenal instruction and delivery of information. Nick is the man, an absolute wizard with a rifle or a pistol. Day one was pistol work and I have taken plenty of pistol classes so I was not expecting a ton of new information and I came in with a goal of learning the Scoopalator draw. It is an OWB draw that allows you to get the gun out of the holster at a blazing speed without having to expend a ton of energy on hand speed. Goal achieved and it ended up being my least digested part of class. We did some transition work that I thought I understood but it just never clicked with me and Nick brought a process in that was very much a light bulb on moment. at the end of the day you run his standards which are very cool and achievable if you are dialed in. They are tough but it’s not impossible and what is cool about it is it’s not just a here 4 stages of my standards you gotta pass x amount. His are more USPSA Classifier style. It was a lot of fun.

Day 2 was rifle work. I have never done anything with a rifle other than some very basic transition work with some of the guys here. This was one of my favorite classes I have done. I used to get bored with rifles 30 minutes in like ok I get it can we go do run and gun with the pistols. Nick changed that. So much information but it’s all very digestible. It starts with accuracy and then into transitions and movement and then his standards for rifle. Just an absolutely fantastic class.

My favorite part about Nick’s class is that you have homework to last you 6 months at least, maybe even longer if you work at it. Everything we did and went over in class can be repeated at your range and in dryfire which is the homework part. Myself being an instant reward kind of guy, enjoyed that I did not get the draw dialed in 100 percent right away or my new approach to attack and control targets. I was able to take the notes from my phone and put down a whole list of stuff to work on and how to work on it. I know you can do that with other classes but this was literally every single thing we did you can take home for dry fire outside the doubles work. Super cool

I will get Matt and Petes insight on the class and drop that in the next blog post.

You should go to the website and put your email address in for a chance to win the Solus Rifle we are giving away. Then after you are done with that clear your calendar for AIM DAY 10/14!

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