Build Your Own Glock

Want to see just how easy it is to build your own Glock and not spend all your money in the process? Check this out.

What exactly do you need to build one from nothing?

1. Frame –

2. Slide –

3. Barrel-

4. Slide Completion Kit if your slide is stripped and if it is assembled, ignore #4. –

5. Lower parts kit w/ trigger or w/o trigger. if you want to run your own trigger you will need to get one like a Timney or Apex. We offer a lower parts kit with a flat AIM Trigger. –

6. Now the slide is optic cut so you can throw an RMR footprint optic right on but if you are doing a budget build irons is your key to completion.-

Lets start with the frame:

Let’s toss in a parts kit with a trigger to complete the frame:

Guess what: your lower is done and only 110 bucks so far.

Let’s finish up the upper build!

Now we just need a slide parts kit, iron sights, and barrel and we are good to go.

Now you have a complete lower, you just finished a complete upper. Slap those together and you have yourself an optic-ready firearm for under $370 bucks.

Now I used the cheapest-priced AIM parts I could find to build this but with minor tweaks, you can build an even better option with porting for 5-6 bucks more!

This is just a base. You can add match-grade barrels or threaded barrels for a compensator or suppressor. You can even take it up a notch from there and use our laser services to upgrade that frame from stock to a fully custom laser-stippled setup. Tons of options and tons of great prices!

Enough reading! Go build a fun gun!


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