Oregon Measure 114

Unfortunately, another “common sense” gun law was passed. Oregon Measure 114 changes things in a big way. Oregon law currently allows a person over the age of 18 to acquire firearms (federal law requires age 21 for some handgun purchases), seller/ transferor must request a criminal background check. The measure requires a permit from local law enforcement to acquire a firearm; a person must pay a fee, submit a photo ID, submit fingerprints, complete approved safety training, pass a criminal background check, and not be prohibited from possessing firearms. An issuing officer may deny a permit to a person believed to be a danger to themself or others.

With this passed, a permit will be issued within 30 days, and remain valid for 5 years. Permit denials will be appealable.

When purchasing a firearm you must present a permit, and pass the background check to acquire a firearm. The State Police creates/ maintains a permit/ firearm database.

Magazines over 10 rounds, or readily modifiable to exceed 10 rounds, are now prohibited; except for current owners /inheritors with exceptions to Law Enforcement and the Military.

All of this makes the buying process more complicated and time-consuming for law-abiding citizens and not really doing anything to stop bad people from getting guns.

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