At AimSurplus we don’t just sell guns and ammunition.  We actually love shooting.  Many on our staff spend their weekends at the range running drills and honing their shooting skills.  We believe that as responsible gun owners and concealed carriers it is our responsibility to be the best shooters we can be.  This is why we train, and we train hard.  Out of that training among our staff came the idea and desire to create something special that we are excited to share with the entire shooting community:

The AimSurplus Training Target

We have created a Free Printable Range Target to help us all become better shooters.  The best part of our target is its adaptability to multiple types of shooting drills and exercises.  You can take this one target to the range and shoot for hours honing different skills.  Our target utilizes:

    • Standard B8 Accuracy Target – Used for zeroing, accuracy, and drills like the Super Test and the No Fail Test.
    • Two 2” squares with 1” squares inside of them – Used for throttle control, target transitions, and hold-over tests.

This target offers so many different options for training on your own, but we are taking it a step further.   Every month starting in September 2022 we will be releasing a competitive shooting drill that anyone can participate in at your own ranges. These drills are designed by us and a few of our select friends and trainers in the industry. The drills will change each month and will challenge us all to become better shooters.  Send us a video of you passing or tag us on social media and you will get a reward directly from AimSurplus.

AimSurplus Drill 1.1

  1. From 7yards, you will start from Concealment. Draw and fire 4 rounds within the 9 or 10 ring circles.

2. Followed by 1 shot into either of the top 2in squares.

3. You will then perform a slide lock reload.

4. Fire 4 more shots into the 9 or 10 rings.

5. Finishing with 1 shot into the opposite top 2in square.

Passing time is 7 Seconds with Expert time being 6 seconds. If you pass, tag us in the video @aimsurplus on Facebook or Instagram.

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