Drill Of The Week 08/04/2022

This week, I wanted to keep it “simple” Focus on fundamentals, get a good draw, get your trigger prepped, and go. So I went with the Bill Drill.

No reloads, no movement unless you want to do a retreating billy.

Bill drills are a solid way to warm up or find some flaws in your system. You are going to have to dial in your draw, focus on getting the sight picture, prepping the trigger, and then manage the recoil. Finding little flaws will help speed up time and make you more accurate.

The instructions for the bill drill are as follows.

  1. Draw your weapon
  2. Fire 6 rounds into the target
  3. A zone hits are the goal
  4. Time: everyone has different standards for the time. From 3 yards under 1.8 should be easily attainable. 5 yards and 7 yards people have different acceptable rates. I personally think at 5 yards it should be under 1.8 seconds as well. At 7, which is the “standard” distance, under 1.99 seconds is passing most standards. I think a better measure when starting out is to run it from whatever distance you want, do it 3 times. For the first run, do it cleanly and not worry about time but make a note of the time. For the second run, go as fast as you possibly can being safe, and take note of the time. For the third run, find a balance of those two speeds and times, and go for that. Set your base time and make that your goal to beat every time you run it.

Running this drill one of the most important components is the draw. If you start off with a bad draw you waste time correcting it to get back to where you need to be. If that draw leads to a bad grip when presenting you either fix it or run it with a bad grip and miss your shots. On the other side of it, if your draw is dialed in, it’s fast out of the holster, and you are presented and ready to fire, you have more time to make your shots.

Go grab some USPSA Targets, set them up, and head to the range to put in some work!


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