Gun Of The Week 08/05/2022

This week we finally got a firearm in, that a lot of people have wanted to see. The Stribog with a twist, a Glock mag version.

Since the Bog started to explode in popularity, there were only a couple tweaks people wanted to see happen, the ability to swap lower parts like any AR lower so you can run something like a radian safety selector or whatever trigger setup you wanted. The other being different mag options. A lot of requests for Glock mag, scorpion, mpx, and some colt mag requests. People took to printing 3d lowers or buying different lowers and adapter plates. Well, no need for that anymore if you just want to run the Glock mags you already have!

Outside of the Glock mag lower, the Stribog remains true to itself. The same operation and manual of arms, nothing has changed between versions except the magazine choice. This is one of if not the best PCC guns on the market. I personally have shot 2-3K rounds through mine and have 0 complaints other than I wish I could switch to different controls and maybe run a different grip and trigger. No absolute needs, just would be cool to have somewhat of some carryover from my rifle setups.

Check them out while you can!


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