Slow and Steady…

The top picture on this post was from March 19th, 2020. This was only a few days into the start of Ohio’s closing. While there may still be some products on the pallets and look like some of the ammo is still sitting there. It is all actually sold. It was just waiting to be picked up and put and a box to be shipped. For almost all of 2020, our warehouse stayed just like that. We didn’t even have enough product in the building to just put things in the empty spaces.

Fast forward to now, July 2021. We can see that it’s starting to be back to a normal supply. This is one of the good signs we have been waiting for as a country. This means that distributors and manufacturers and starting to fulfill bigger orders. They are finally shipping in a more consistent manner and the product at least exists in some form. While there is still a very large demand throughout the country, the bigger companies are starting to get a good stock again.

Because the demand is still so high in general, the prices still have not dropped too much. You still have plenty of people buying ammo. It might not always be the end-user, but if smaller dealers, schools, police departments, etc are still buying. Then the price is still not going to fluctuate too much. There is still plenty of ammo and money still changing hands.

Eventually, we will get to the point where the manufacturers have to start being more competitive with their pricing because retailers and consumers will have ammo again. That is when we will start to see a decrease in price. When will that happen though? Could be this year, could be 3 years from now. It’s incredibly difficult to tell. I will say that right now we have a good stock. So if you haven’t been buying or you got caught off guard with the pandemic. Now is a great time to stock up and make sure that it doesn’t happen to you again. The prices are more reasonable and you actually have options again.