Chicks Dig Scars!

Everyone knows that FN is a quality manufacturer. Everyone knows that because of that, all FN products come with a nice big price tag. The Scar 20s in 6.5 Creedmoor is no exception. It is currently being sold on our website for $3999.99. This is actually a steal for this gun since so many other places are charging above MSRP for it. These guns are also made in a limited quantity for each production run.

The 20s is cool because… well, just look at it. The Multi-FDE coloring that doesn’t match anything else on the gun is so iconic and awesome. It takes the base Scar rifle, bulks it up in size and weight and barrel length, and then makes one badass DMR rifle.

The 20in barrel and 6.5Creedmoor round means you’re gonna be able to reach out further than your skill would probably normally allow. The gun weighs an absolute ton before you toss on any accessories. Easily an 8-10lb gun when everything is all set and done. The benefit though is that all that weight is going to be an advantage to managing the recoil. Making fast follow-up shots super easy.

Now is the time to start picking up these rarer and harder-to-find guns because the demand has been so high for so long. If you don’t pick them up when you see them, then the chances of finding them later don’t get better. Check out the sight and see what all we have going on!