Sig M400 Switchblade Hands On

Very rarely does a new “AR” release get me excited. Especially from the big manufacturers because they are the ones typically doing the least amount of what I want or even like. They try to appeal to the masses and cover their bases and they never really put out complete guns that make sense to buy instead of build myself.

This is one of the first Sig Sauer rifles since the MCX that I think customers/consumers should actually be excited about. They have put together an 11.5in upper on one of the coolest lowers they forgot they make. With one of the newest pistol braces and some of the coolest features in the rifle that I have seen as of late.

Let’s start with the lower. The lower is cool because not many people even know this lower has existed. It is a full AMBI lower. Now many of you know that the Ambi lowers out there will drop the bolt from the left side but not lock it. This one will actually allow you to lock and drop the bolt from the left-hand side. It also has an Ambi mag release and a 2 stage trigger. The trigger is slightly heavy but overall the lower is fantastic. This lower could only be found in the older VTAC rifles Sig put together. They were limited run, expensive guns that not many knew about. Now you have the ability to get one of the coolest lowers out there again!

The 11.5in upper has a cool new handguard from Sig. They have a new mounting system that is different from their previous guns. The Gunmetal grey ceraokte on it reminds me of the same color that’s on the MCX. This might be a little less blue. I also wish the MCX didn’t have the blue tint to it either. The brace is the new one from Magpul and when you shoulder it, there is a nice cheek weld. You can adjust it with the pull of the lever and combine it with the gun overall. You get a pretty lightweight package. I own several 11.5in guns and I don’t think any of them are as light as the Switchblade is. It also ships with 1 Gen 2 Pmag and a hand stop piece for the rail.

We only got a handful of these guns in and anything “NEW” sells out fast. So here is your early notice, head to the sight and check them out!