Police Trade-In Sigs!

It has been a while! Back before COVID became a thing, you could browse our website and see probably 4 different SKUs of Police Trade-In firearms. The super-cheap M&P40s, the abundant Sigs, and the easily convertible Glock 22s. We were well known as the place to stop and pick up a cheap turn-in and have a nice plinker for the range or even a gun good enough to carry.

Ever since COVID hit, the police trade-in market kind of dried up. The guns that we used to get were being bought faster than we could bid on. Plus other companies who couldn’t get their hands on guns at all, were paying way too much for them and then selling them at a higher markup than new guns would even cost. That time was wicked. For months people were overpaying for everything just to get something at all. We DIDN’T want to play that way.

So because the prices were outrageous it didn’t do us any good to buy expensive trade-in guns and sell them to you at a price we couldn’t imagine asking you to pay. So we backed off for a little bit. Now that things are starting to simmer back down, at least on the gun side of things. Ammo not so much. We have managed to get some decently priced Sigs back in the building. There are some 229s,226s, and even some old revolvers from Smith and Colt that came in. The Sigs will hit the website and we will give tons of people the chance to get them. The one-off revolvers though will go to our Showroom. So if you’re a local guy. I would recommend making a trip down if you want a pricey revolver at a good discount. I got to handle a few of them and boy did they look good. Stop in, check out the website, or just say Hey on one of our social media platforms. We are always happy to answer any questions or help out any way we can!