AK US Palm Mags!

I can say that I’m personally not huge into the AK world, but I know that just about anybody that shoots AKs hardcore is all about the US Palm Grips For the longest time the AK market was dying for a grip that fits universally and wasn’t a slick wooden grip digging into your hand.

Magpul was the go-to for a long time but some people that didn’t want to “Sporterize” their rifles wanted something that was less like an AR grip and more traditional to the rifle.

This is where US Palm grips come into play. They keep a more traditional look to the grip and come in colors that you can often find matching the wooden furniture on the guns. They have a nice texture, they are super thin and ergonomic, and they were relatively affordable.

Right now we have all 3 of the popular colors in stock. They are up on the website and they are probably the best selling AK grips that we have ever carried. So if you’re looking for something to spice up your rifle or your old wooden one has started to splint. This the upgrade for you!