Surplus .308 AMMO is HERE!

Surplus S&B .308 Ammo has arrived at AimSurplus! This is 147grn FMJ .308 ammo made by Sellier and Bellott for military contracts in the early to late 70s! This ammo is literally older than most of our current staff at the time of writing this blog.

It’s packaged 20rds to a box. 53Boxes to a crate which ends up being 1060rds per crate. It’s “mildly” corrosive. So we recommend shooting it and probably cleaning that barrel first thing when you get home, if not even before you leave the range. The good thing about corrosive ammo is that it’s cheaper to shoot and sometimes easier to find. The downside is you have to be aware that if not cleaned properly can cause your barrel to wear significantly faster.

This ammo was designed for military contract guns which at the time had incredibly tough hammer springs. So this ammo would work great in things like FALs, G3s and even in AR10s. I would recommend for AR10s however, that you might need an increased hammer energy spring. The harder primers like something that can penetrate a little bit deeper than normal.