A New type of Mini Gun!

This week we got in stock something I would consider the coolest “Mini” Gun to grace our warehouse. Some people think 5 barrels, spinning faster than you can imagine, throwing lead down range at a rate you would need the bed of a pickup truck to be your magazine.

However, this time when we say minigun. We are talking about this Keystone Arms Mini Mosin. This thing is super cool. It is basically a scaled-down and converted to .22LR Mosin 9130.

Its super strange holding this thing in your hands. It looks every bit like a normal Mosin, just not at all the right kind of feel. The bolt pulls back, you load a single .22LR round and you’re off to the races. I think they may have missed the mark having it not accept a small magazine or something along those lines. It would be great for teaching any child or smaller person on, but as a full-sized adult who wants to enjoy this novelty. I wish it could plink faster.

We put a handful of these up on the website so if you’re interested in owning a small piece of history. These would be a cool item to add to the collection!