Surplus Tokarev Ammo!

I don’t know if you know how exciting it is to see some surplus ammo this year! Usually, surplus ammo is always a good deal because it’s good military ammo at some kind of discounted price.

What’s nice about this ammo is the timing. We managed to score some great condition Tokarevs earlier this year. Although being in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and all the ammo being scarce. There was almost no ammo to shoot through them unless you already had a stockpile of it. Now things have changed a little.

We got in almost a full skid of this 7.62×25 Romanian Surplus ammo. Its in sealed spam cans so if you order exactly a case we will ship you a can opener and a spam can so you can enjoy the nostalgia of breaking into one of these bad boys yourself! They are an odd count per box. It is 72rds per box and 1224per spam can. So one can would give you a ton of trigger time behind that new Tokarev you picked up from us.

Surplus ammo never sticks around for long and in general, the surplus ammo market is pretty dang dry to begin with. We try our legitimate best to get any and all surplus things we can get our hands-on. I will say that if you have any Tokarevs and are in the market for ammo, don’t sleep on it because it will likely be gone when you finally make a decision.