5 Budget Firearms You Should Have: Part 3-AR 15

I always get the upsized combo at the fast food drive through.  If you saw me… you would agree.  Why do I do this?

  1. Because I love greasy, fake, American food!
  2. Some deals are too good to pass up!

For 50 cents I get 30% more fries and drink.  How can I say no to that?  Some people might be willing to take the risk of running out of Diet Coke before the meal is finished.  I will not take that risk!  Some deals are too good to pass up.  This is an appropriate metaphor to the current AR Market.   You cannot afford to pass on purchasing or building an AR 15 at this time.  For this reason, the AR 15 is the third topic in our blog series on 5 Budget Firearms You Should Have.
When I was 18 I bought my first AR.  It was a basic DPMS.  I paid 669 dollars for it.  I remember thinking it was a steal at that price!  In reality it was a good deal and I loved that rifle.  That was 14 years ago.  Fast forward to today.  Prices have actually gotten better!  Not only have prices gotten better… but you have more options than ever.  There are more ways to customize a rifle exactly the way you want it for your exact purposes.  To put it frankly… this is the best time in recent history to buy an AR 15. That is a scientific fact!
I am often asked by friends and family, “what is the best AR 15 I can buy for the money?”  That, however, is not what they are asking.  In my opinion the answer to that question is a Daniel Defense, BCM, and Spikes Tactical.  Those are probably the best value dollar for dollar you can buy in an AR 15.  But again… that is not that the question they are asking.  The question they are actually asking is “What is the best budget friendly AR 15 I can buy?”  Knowing that they are referring to the latter question, I always start with the Anderson Stripped Lower Receiver.  This is the serialized part of the firearm that the ATF considers to be the “gun.”  We sell them for 39.95.  If you pair that with one of our AR Build Kits, you can have an almost ready to shoot rifle for under 450 dollars (plus shipping and any transfer fees).  See the pictures below.
Here are the benefits to building your own rifle as opposed to buying a complete rifle.

  • Cost- It is hard to find a decent quality forged mil-spec AR 15 for under $450
  • Experience- You gain experience and knowledge by building the lower yourself
  • Simple- Anyone can build an AR 15 with basic tools and YouTube.
  • Customizable- You can easily customize any part you want.
  • Pride-  It is manly and it makes you feel good about yourself to say you built a gun!
  • Cool Factor- People will think you are cool when you tell them you built it yourself.

If you simply do not have the time or desire to be cool, then there are still some great options.  For the price, it is hard to beat the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport.  It comes ready to shoot out of the box and includes a 30 round PMag and a Magpul flip-up rear sight for $569.95.  I take back what I said earlier, the M&P 15 Sport is a cool rifle and possibly the best budget minded complete AR 15 you can buy.  It also comes with a melonited barrel (longer service life) and a free cardboard box.  What more do you need for that price!  See the picture below of one we customized with Magpul furniture.
These are just a couple of examples of the plethora of AR lowers, uppers, and complete rifles we sell.  Take a look at our website to see our current AR products.  If you have any questions about buying your first AR 15 or building an AR 15 please do not hesitate to call into our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff at 1-888-748-5252 or email us at [email protected].  We are here to help you.  Below you will find links and prices to the Anderson lowers and Smith M&P 15 mentioned in this post.
Anderson AR15 Lower- $39.95
Smith M&P 15 Sport Rifle- $569.95
Some day soon we will all look back and say “Do you remember when you could buy a quality AR lower for only $39.95!  Those were the days!”  This deal is so good, you should have to talk yourself out of buying it.  But where is the fun in that?  Stay tuned for the fourth post in our series on 5 Budget Firearms You Should Have.
Until then…
Be safe, have fun, & shoot more.
Daddy Fungus
AIM Customer Service Manager