5 Budget Firearms You Should Have: Part 2-Surplus Guns

Today we are enrolling in “Why You Should Buy Surplus Guns Now” School.  Our teacher will be the infamous and battle tested Mosin Nagant rifle.  Not long ago these rugged workhorses could be found for 69 dollars.  Now good luck finding one for under 200 dollars, if you can find one at all.  Hopefully you bought a crate of them when they were still available (the free coffee table was a bonus).  We get calls asking about the availability of these rifles all the time.  Our response is always the same… “we hope we will see some more, but none for now.”  This is usually met with weeping and gnashing of teeth.  It is a story that has been told over and over again by any gun collector.  “In my day you could get xyz for so-n-so!”  Why do we do it to ourselves?

Last time we talked about LEO trade-ins as a great option for a budget handgun.  This second blog post in this series on 5 Budget Firearms You Should Have will focus on Surplus Guns in general.  We have several great options available now. These firearms are budget friendly and will come with no regrets!  Right now you can get Polish P-64 9×18 Pistols, Star Super B 9mm Pistols, Romanian Tokarev 7.62×25 Pistols, and Swiss 1911 Rifles and Carbines.  These guns are beautiful pieces of history.  See the pictures below.

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If you are on a budget, buying a surplus firearm has some huge benefits:

  • Price- All but one of these guns listed are under 300 dollars!
  • Dependability- These designs are time-tested and battle proven.
  • Parts Availability- Replacement parts are usually available online or at local gun shows.
  • Shootability-  Surplus guns are a blast to shoot!
  • Cool Factor- You are buying a piece of history.

Do yourself a favor and buy a surplus gun right now.  These guns are no longer being produced and we never know when our last shipment will be the last!  One thing you can count on is that prices on these will only go up.   With prices like these… now is the time to buy the surplus firearm you have been thinking about.  See the links below for pricing and information.
Polish P64 9×18 Pistol- From $219.95
Swiss 1911 7.5×55 Rifle- $319.95
Swiss 1911 7.5×55 Carbine- From $239.95
Star Super B 9mm Pistol- $239.95
Romanian Tokarev 7.62×25 Pistol- $239.95
Be sure to keep an eye on our website to stay up to date on availability and pricing on all our surplus firearms.  We will be back next week with part 3.  Until then…
Be safe, have fun, and shoot more.
Daddy Fungus
AIM Customer Service Manager