Magpul's B.A.D. (Battery Assist Device) Lever

For AR15 owners, odds are you’ve had this experience before: you’re plinking away with your rifle when suddenly you experience a jam, so you start running through the procedure to clear a failure.  The problem is that you typically have to lower your rifle from your shoulder, breaking your shooting position, and then there’s the awkward arm crossing as you pull back on the charging handle with one hand and activate the bolt catch with the other.  If this were a tactical situation, precious seconds would be wasted.
Enter Magpul’s Battery Assist Device (BAD™) Lever.  Made of anodized aluminum and coming in every color (as long as it’s black), this oddly-shaped attachment is practically revolutionary for AR15 shooters.  The lever clamps onto a standard AR15 bolt catch with a single screw then snakes down and under the side of your receiver.  Once installed, the end of the lever is perfectly positioned to be manipulated using the index finger of your grip hand.  Now should you experience a failure, you can maintain a proper grip on your rifle with access to the fire controls while clearing the problem.  It’s incredibly easy to operate too.  Merely push up on the lever to engage the bolt catch and push down to disengage.
Usable by both right-handed shooters and southpaws alike, Magpul includes everything needed for installation (including the wrench).  The BAD™ Lever is priced at $28.45, ships for FREE (to the lower 48), and is easily one of the best (and least expensive!) upgrades you can make to your black rifle.
Magpul BAD Battery Assist Device Lever
Item# XMAG980
$28.45ea FREE Shipping!*
48 States, this item only.
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