Great Deal on Billet AR Lower Recivers!

ROYAL ARMS RAK-15 Billet Multi-Caliber Lower Receivers for AR type Rifles.
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Here is a smokin’ deal on a quality Billet Lower Receiver. Seriously, these are not much more than a forged receiver. One of my favorite features of this lower is the fact there is no huge logo plastered on the side of it advertising for some company I forked over my hard earned cash too. Nothing but nice clean lines and luxurious, black finish. Beautiful… buy here

Royal Arms manufactures the some of the finest Billet Lower receivers available today. Machined from Solid Billet of Aluminum, not just any grade of bar stock 7075 would do. Royal Arms uses a special blend of 7075 and had it heat treated to their specifications to make it more shock resistance and less prone to failure from fatigue and stress fractures. They then enhanced all the critical areas to make this one of the most durable AR15 Billet lower receivers on the market. It also features a Discreet approach to the logo and firearm information engravings on the bottom of the trigger guard.