Gun of The Week 07/12/2022

I say gun but technically it is 3 guns. The same model just different versions of the gun. The PW MK1 Mod 2-M features the PWS long-stroke piston system. While the internals are the same as other PWS lines, the MK1 MOD 2-M offers a variety of features exclusive to this line.

The handguard features a cool setup on the bottom rail that will allow for pic rail or Mlok attachments. They have a fully forged upper and lower but have eliminated the forward assist and added a flared magwell and trigger guard. This gun is built to be a tack driver that is perfect for all uses.

Currently, we are carrying it in 3 sizes.

16″ Rifle
11.85 Pistol

14.5 pinned and welded

Super cool setups where you don’t really need to add anything other than an optic and you are ready to have some fun.


Drill Of The Week (07/11/2022)

Ammo isn’t hard to find anymore, you better be out there training! I want to start showing some of the drills the guys at AIM run every time we go shoot. Not that we are the best out there, but we put in the work to get better every week. I would put us up against any gun shop around their top 5 vs our top 5 and I like our chances.

This one will humble you, You can be shooting your best all day and then run this and hate it. This is the Tier 1 Concealed Three 7’s Drill.

It’s not overly complicated but you do have to be on your game to run it clean. The instructions for this drill are on the target but here they are:

This drill is to be completed at a distance of 7 yards, drawing from concealment, totaling 7 shots, within 7 seconds.

The shooter will draw and place one shot in the upper left 1” circle, transition to the upper right 2” circle, and place two shots inside it. The shooter will then conduct a slide lock reload and put three shots in the bottom left 3” circle, then transition to the 3” bottom right 1” circle and place one shot inside. 1”

This drill works on your accuracy, throttle control, weapon manipulation, and recoil management. Any shots breaking the line are considered in.

I always try to run it clean and then worry about the time after but as soon as I get halfway clean I speed up thinking I finally got it. Nope.

Test yourself. Push yourself to blend everything it takes to run this. Here is the link to their downloads where you can also get their cold start drill as well.


Magpul Dynamics

In 2007, Magpul Industries Launched Magpul Dynamics, a firearms training division focused on developing firearms manipulation skills. Magpul Dynamics changed the whole world of firearms training world at a fundamental level.

In 2008, they launched a series of DVDs different from prior instructional DVDs. These were actual classes with people making unscripted mistakes and how they are corrected. Prior to this, nobody was really doing anything like that.

If you have not seen them, check them out. After that find the guys in the video and take classes with them in real life, it will change your shooting game instantly.

Here is a link to an interview with one of the OG’s Chris Costa:


Fresh off the boat…or truck

Some sweet surplus ammo just came in. First up is the Brazilian CBC M193 5.56x45mm Brass Case and it comes in 1000 round cases inside a .50 cal ammo can. Standard Ball cartridge equivalent to M193.

The other ammo we got in is Greek 8mm Mauser 198GR.

This is surplus over-run Greek 8mm rifle ammunition. It is a 198 Grain LC FMJBT bullet in a 20 rd box. It IS Corrosive. It is packaged 48boxes to a case or 960rds to a case.

Always trying to get the cool stuff for you guys! Pay attention to our website and if something you want is out of stock, sign up for product alerts!

Have a good weekend ya knuckleheads!