Drill Of The Week (07/11/2022)

Ammo isn’t hard to find anymore, you better be out there training! I want to start showing some of the drills the guys at AIM run every time we go shoot. Not that we are the best out there, but we put in the work to get better every week. I would put us up against any gun shop around their top 5 vs our top 5 and I like our chances.

This one will humble you, You can be shooting your best all day and then run this and hate it. This is the Tier 1 Concealed Three 7’s Drill.

It’s not overly complicated but you do have to be on your game to run it clean. The instructions for this drill are on the target but here they are:

This drill is to be completed at a distance of 7 yards, drawing from concealment, totaling 7 shots, within 7 seconds.

The shooter will draw and place one shot in the upper left 1” circle, transition to the upper right 2” circle, and place two shots inside it. The shooter will then conduct a slide lock reload and put three shots in the bottom left 3” circle, then transition to the 3” bottom right 1” circle and place one shot inside. 1”

This drill works on your accuracy, throttle control, weapon manipulation, and recoil management. Any shots breaking the line are considered in.

I always try to run it clean and then worry about the time after but as soon as I get halfway clean I speed up thinking I finally got it. Nope.

Test yourself. Push yourself to blend everything it takes to run this. Here is the link to their downloads where you can also get their cold start drill as well.



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