Night Vision Demo Event At Sugar Creek Range

This last weekend we went to Sugar Creek Range to do a really cool night vision demo event.

Everyone who came out had the opportunity to shoot suppressed guns utilizing helmet-mounted night vision with a laser and/or a night vision clip-on unit mounted on a rifle as well as given the opportunity to compete against others by time in a steel target competition.

We brought a couple of our aim ported barrels and window cut slides for people to try out, we also brought some of the offerings from Foxtrot Mike to let people see how awesome those are!

It was a really cool event especially if you have never shot with night vision, when they do another one, definitely go check it out!


Glock 43 Slides and Barrels

These are some of the most asked-for items we have, on social media anytime we post about a Glock barrel or slide, usually, the first question we get is ” What about for the 43?” Well, we have a couple options for you guys!

The Rose Gold barrel for your 43 just looks great, solid choice to break up all the black on the handgun. We will have some more color options at some point but we figured let’s give you guys the cooler stuff first.



So much demand from you all to come and see all the cool stuff we have for sale has left us with no choice other than for the first time ever, to be open Mondays! The new hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10-4

Point 1 Tactics Hybrid Pistol

Now that the blog is up and running I can get back to action.

Last month I was able to take Point 1 Tactics Hybrid Pistol Class with Donovan Moore.

It was a 2-day class that blew my mind. Donovan is the man. The level that guy shoots is insane, even better is how he teaches you it’s possible for you to get to that level if you put in the work.

Day 1 was all about concealed carry applications and 100% accountability for every round that leaves your pistol.  We put up a USPSA Target and everyone wrote down their name and for every shot you missed outside the zone you added a tally.

So much information but it was not an overload. Everyone got to see him run his cold start and then try it themselves. Anyone who has passed his cold start time of 11.5 clean was pushed to do the 8 seconds time.

As you can see I failed clean but technically harder…. didn’t count

We went over trigger prep for a good 45 mins and it was the most informative way I have ever heard trigger prepping explained

Day 2 was more on speed and pushing what you knew and learned to the absolute max. It was a lot of fun and in direct sunlight, draining. I was beaten up and I made the wise choice to sign up for his 2-day vehicle class for the next 2 days.

Sadly I did not get a lot of pictures the second day because I was so involved in the shooting I did not think to take pictures.

If you have the chance to take a class with Donovan, do it. It will make you a better shooter.