2012 Larue Tactical Texas Multi Gun Spike's Tactial Shooting Team AAR

Last weekend we shot the 2012 Texas Multigun Championship and had a blast.  This years theme was the Pacific Theater of World War 2.  The stages were set up to replicate Pacific battles.    There were real Browning 1919’s and MG42’s at a couple of stages as well as a plethora of military vehicles including a tank. The LaRue BBQ trailer was there serving up free brisket and sausage all three days which is one of the reasons this match is so popular.  A lot of thought and effort went into setting up the stages and they turned out great.  The stages were more challenging than last year and had multiple long range pistol shots which we loved.  The most difficult stage was the long range stage.  The wind was blowing roughly 20-25mph at full value when we shot it which made for challenging shots.

There were a couple of lessons to take away from this match. I’m going to start running heavier and hotter shotgun loads.  After watching the video from a couple of the shotgun stages, I could see the paint fly off a couple of steel targets and not go down. Those 1oz loads going 1200fps did not cut it.  Cam had several great stages but realized that he could have benefited from a shotgun tube with more capacity.
Over 450 people shot this match which makes it one of the largest matches in the country.  If your a newer shooter and want to travel to your first major match, this is the one to go to.  We will see you there next year.  Our next match is the 3 Man 3 Gun in Topton, Pa.