Police Trade-In Time!

As you may or may not know, Aim gets law enforcement trade-in firearms and equipment pretty often, almost monthly. Usually, it is your typical Glocks/ M&P/ Sig firearms, once in a while, some shotguns or even some rifles will come in. On occasion, we get really, really cool stuff like 6 months ago when we had some Remington R700 rifles come in, or last year we had Benneli short barrel shotguns come in.

Today we have a wonderful treasure chest of guns to sort through and grade. Tons of Rock River ARs, a bunch of Benelli shotguns, random revolvers, and even some 1911s

When these come in, we will lay all the duplicates out and check them over, look at conditions and then grade them. Once they are graded they will get put on the website for people to swoop up. Anything that is 1 off or something maybe with a blem will be in the showroom locally. If there happens to be anything super rare or unique, that will get a full go-over and then tossed on the website as well.

Stay tuned because these things are not going to stick around!


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