The Eli Dicken Drill (Drill Of The Week 07/25/2022)

I am sure by now you are familiar with Eli and the events at the Indiana mall. A person of evil decides to harm innocent lives, Eli stepped in without thinking and ended the threat before more lives could be lost.

40-50 yards from concealment. 10 shots with 8 hits in under 15 seconds. There are some that say he was braced, some say he was walking in towards the threat. Either way, it’s damn fine shooting under the highest stress possible for a civilian. Nobody knows for sure but he reportedly used a Glock, and seeing ten shots makes me think 43x or 48. If that is the case it makes what he did even more impressive.

I was watching videos of people running his drill this weekend and I noticed nobody had done it under elevated heart rate like the adrenaline Eli would have been having. So I hopped in the car and went to the range to try it out.

I ran 50ish yards and back with ten burpees to get my heart rate up as high as I could, 153ish is what I could get that quick. The first run, was cold except for the cardio I just did. 8/10 shots 11:11 with a horrible draw. Eli didn’t get to use an excuse of a horrible draw but I am. Still passed and they are lower torso shots so the stomach and intestine areas, not an easy area to repair so I will take it.

Second attempt: 9.86 8/10. I did not have a round chambered so I sped everything up. Always carry with one in the chamber! I am more ok with this one, still mid-thorasic hits. I am shooting and not accounting for the distance like I should. Still a pass and that threat should be down.

I went on Instagram live and completely failed when I moved to shooting steel. 4/10 and it was just sloppy.

For redemption I went to my personal carry ammo. Decided to make it as real as I could.

9/10 hits at 9.41. I will take that all day.

Sure I didn’t get all A zone and didn’t bother calculating hit factors cause 1. I don’t care, that’s for nerds that keep score. 2. In a situation where my life is on the line, I will take stomach hits, arm hits, hand, face. A hit is a hit and if it stops the threat, I call that a perfect score.

Here is the video for you to check out if you want to. Go train!

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