Top Ten Movie Guns

We all love guns. What was it that started that fascination for you? Was it growing up hunting with your grandfather or father? Toys at the toy store? Or was it the guns of Hollywood movies that captured your heart? Personally, it was Hollywood for me. Rambo. John McClane. Riggs. Robocop. Arnold. Axel Foley. Any of the James Bonds…not Timothy Dalton. This whole era of action movies always had the coolest guns. This list is my personal favorite firearms from the movies I love.

10. The M60.

Rambo was my first experience with the m60. Throw in any Vietnam-era movie, Tears Of The Sun and BlackHawk down. Rambo was able to just use it as a regular rifle because he was…well he was John Rambo. 600 rounds per minute and destruction, it all would have been avoided had they let him just get a meal and be on his way.

9. The AK47

Probably hard to find a movie that does not have an AK47 or a variant of it in some form. I always associate it with the bad guys. A movie I watched on repeat countless times as a kid, probably too young to be watching it, True Lies has some cool AK scenes. The little Norinco-like AKM that the lead terrorist uses in the bathroom firefight. All the other terrorists use full-size rifles. Harry Tasker gets ahold of one and helps get out of capture.

8. The 1911/2011

One of the coolest guns ever. I mean two world wars!

Saving Private Ryan. Big Lebowski, there are rules this isn’t Nam.

Faceoff had the cool gold 1911’s and gum and misc substances for Nic Cages Castor Troy.

In Cobra, Stallone rocked one. Under Seige saw Segal use it.

They are just cool. I am a big fan of the updated use in the STI/Stacatto 2011 in John Wick.

7. .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson 29

Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, Punk? Dirty Harry…I don’t need to say anything else.

6. M134 Mini Gun

Electric-powered Gatling gun is capable of blanketing the land with 7.62 at a rate of 2,000 to 6,000 rounds a minute. Only Jesse The Body Ventura is man enough to backpack one.

5. Delta/Gordon Carbine

These were cool then, and they are cool now. People are making clones of these all the time and look at them, why wouldn’t you want your own?

4. Han Solo’s DL-44

Yeah yeah, it’s not a real gun. Han Solo was the man. It’s based on a real gun anyway so I am keeping it on the list.

3. Walther PPK

One day I will own one for no reason other than James Bond. They are cool and elegant. They should come with a tuxedo.

2. Beretta 92 FS

Hey Riggs! Riggs was the best. The hair, the vibe. Everyone wants to be Martin Riggs and the 92fs only made him cooler.

  1. H&K MP5

The top spot for me. It’s the mp5, it speaks for itself and it always will. Welcome to the party pal.

There are some guns I left out that I love just as much, but wanted to get these on the list. Robocops auto9. Axel Foley’s HiPower. The suitcase gun from Desperado. The SPAS-12 and AMT Hardballer from Terminator. Snake Plissken’s mac10. I could go on forever. Maybe one day I will do a round 2 or maybe like a cool cowboy or war guns.

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