Our Top Ten Most Asked Suppressor Questions

Buying a suppressor can be confusing, but it really does not need to be. We sell many suppressors, from first-time buyers to guys with 10 plus. We put together a quick list of our ten most asked questions, here they are!

  1. What suppressor should I buy?

The one that suits your needs best. This is a question with many variables to it. Buy the suppressor that fits what you have or plan to have. Only shoot 9mm? Get a 9mm suppressor. Shoot multiple rifle calibers? Get a .30 cal suppressor. This answer will always change depending on what you want to do with the suppressor.

2. Why should I buy a suppressor?

Many reasons. Recoil Reduction. Reduced sound. Flash suppression would all be some of the top reasons

3. How do I buy a suppressor?

Research, Do your homework. This suppressor is a lifelong purchase.

Decide which suppressor you want.

Purchase the suppressor.

Create a silencer shop account.

Purchase tax stamp/s

Fill out the information/fingerprints at the Silencer Shop Kiosk in our showroom.

Take pictures for the silencer shop account.

Wait for your email to certify your e-file. If you did a paper form, you will be notified when your check is cashed. then you wait.

Wait for your suppressor to be approved.

Pick up suppressor and tax stamp

Enjoy it.

4. Do I have to get a license to own one?

Nope. You do have to pay for a “tax stamp” when you first buy the suppressor but that is it.

5. Are suppressors legal?

Under federal law, it has never been illegal to own a silencer. If it is legal for you to buy a handgun, and you live in a state that allows ownership, then it is probably legal for you to own a silencer. The basic requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be at least 21 years old
  2. You must live in a state that allows ownership
  3. You must not have any felony convictions

6. Do they have suppressors I can use for every caliber?

You can use a larger caliber suppressor to suppress a smaller caliber firearm as long as you have the appropriate adapters. Using a larger caliber silencer is not as efficient as a silencer made for the specific caliber, but it will still be a good sound reduction in most cases.

7. Can I use .22 in a 5.56 suppressor?

You could sure. Not recommended at all.

8. What is the advantage to using a trust over individual?

To simplify the answer: A trust makes it easier to share the fun and benefits of shooting with suppressors. Without a Trust, the person that got the Tax Stamp and purchased the suppressor MUST BE PRESENT and in possession of the suppressor when it is being used by another person.

9. How do I certify my silencer purchase?

Watch this video.

10. What is the difference between serviceable and non-serviceable suppressors?

Serviceable suppressors can be taken apart for deep cleaning and removing carbon. Usually, the caliber is not burning all the powder off and will cause carbon build-up.

Non-serviceable suppressors are welded shut. The caliber burns it all off, think of it as self-cleaning. Usually, rifle suppressors will be sealed, they are lighter in weight and have better sound suppression.

These are just a handful of the questions we get daily in-store or via email. Silencershop.com has tons of great information, this is what they do. Feel free to ask us in-store and we can guide you in the right direction either by answering your question ourselves or finding out from a manufacturer directly.


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