Feature Friday

I want to do something cool to showcase the people who work at AIM are not just regular folks who happen to work at a gun shop. I want to show that we have a variety of shooters here from skeet shooting to USPSA competitors. A variety of styles means a variety of firearm setups and uses that hopefully and get you pumped up to do a new build or take a current build in direction you have always wanted.

The first edition of this I want to highlight concealed carry. This area has so many different options and setups and is unique to each individual.

I say variety and then realize we all carry either an M&P or Glock with one person flexing on everyone with a Staccato.

Holsters are a personal choice, most of us run some sort of appendix setup with holsters from Tier 1 or T.Rex arms

Check out the setups from the guys at AimSurplus!

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