Troy Industries New Arrivals

Got some cool new Troy Industries accessories late Friday. Check them out…

Troy Ind. Ambidextrous Bolt Release

Troy Industries Ambidextrous Bolt Release. Easily release bolt with either left or right hand. Streamlines firearm clearing and reloads after a malfunction. Improved control without hand changeovers.
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Troy Industries Front Gas Block Folding Sight

Troy Industries Front Gas Block Folding Sight. Problem: Picatinny Railed Gas Blocks do not accommodate a same-plane aperture front sight. Solution: The Troy Industries Gas Block Mounted Front Sight. Troy has engineered a rugged, reliable, combat ready BattleSight that mounts securely on the gas block. It offers all of the features of Troy’s other Folding BattleSights: Easy to operate, clicks solidly into place and folds out of the way when not needed. (Not compatible with four-sided rail gas blocks).
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Troy Ind. Battle Ax CQB Grip Flat Dark Earth (Tan)

New Troy Industries Battle Ax CQB Grip for AR style type rifles. Excellent ergonomics and the superior strength of advanced military grade polymer shape the Troy Battle Ax Pistol Grip. Refined angling sets your hand close to the receiver and leads your arm and shoulder into a high-comfort, high contour zone. Shortened length ensures you get a perfect grip every time. Fits M4, M16/AR15 and FN SCAR rifles. Made in the U.S.A. Patent Pending.
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