Romanian 8mm ammunition in Action!

Our friends up at ADCO Firearms have been using the Romanian 8mm ammunition they got from us to much success!
Check out the video:

Romanian 8mm ammunition available here:

1970’s Surplus Romanian 8mm Mauser ammunition. This beautiful ammunition is Sure fire, Clean, and Packaged/sealed in a heavy duty Military “Spam” Can for long term storage. This ammunition features a 150grn steel core full metal jacketed bullet , lacquer coated steel case, and berdan primed. Packed 5rds to a charger (stripper clip), 20rds in a cardboard box, and 340rds (17 boxes) sealed inside a “spam” can. 2 cans in the original, hinged wooden Crate. Can opener included with orders for two cans or greater only. More pics below.

340rd can: $99.95ea Delivered!*

*48 Contiguous States, this item only.
Romanian 8mm ammunition available here: