2014 Mammoth Sniper Challenge


January 3-5, 2014

The Mammoth Sniper Challenge is a 3-day precision rifle shooting competition held at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. This event will offer unique opportunities to test your skill with a rifle and compete for prizes and bragging rights. The match will consist of:

  • Two separate matches – Open and Tough Man
  • Open Match
    • 10-11 shorter, faster stages of fire
    • Compete as an individual (spotter assistance allowed)
  • Tough Man Match
    • Compete as a 2-person team
    • 8 longer more physical stages of fire
  • Bonus and side matches
  • Scenario-based stages
  • Shooting in the natural terrain

The location for the match is the Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Kentucky. Rockcastle is situated on 2000 acres at the doorstep of Mammoth Cave National Park. This location offers fantastic opportunities to shoot at very long distances and steep angles. Rockcastle was the site for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Mammoth Sniper Challenges, 2009-2011 Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship, 2011 AR15.com Rockcastle Pro-Am 3-Gun Championship, 2010 Pan American Shotgun Championship.