Handgun Combatives – Advanced Covert Carry Class | October 5-6, 2019

Last year I was discussing training classes with my friend, Abner Miranda, he recommended that the one instructor’s class I had to take in 2019 was Dave Spaulding’s at Handgun Combatives.  Abner told me that out of his 50 training classes he has attended, Dave Spaulding had the best curriculum and content he had ever experienced.  Abner also added that I better act fast, as Dave is working toward retirement and wouldn’t be teaching as much, after 2019.  I was familiar with Dave’s reputation and had watched his youtube channel and read a lot of his print work.  Much to my surprise, Dave Spaulding is local to me and only lives 15 minutes away.  Dave is offering a few classes at his local range Miamisburg Sportsman’s Club which is also local to me.

My training schedule was 8 classes in 2019, a lot being red dot and performance based training.  The Advanced Covert Carry class was a big departure from the rest of my 2019 classes.    In this specific class, we concentrated on accuracy more than speed and broke down the draw stroke for a more consistent grip.   Although I carry a gun every day, I have neglected my draw from concealment and spent more time from open rigs.   Drawing from a jacket, winter coat or hooded sweatshirt wasn’t something I had even considered in past training.  Looking back, I am now embarrassed at the lack of thought and training that concealed carry in Ohio means to your draw.    We practiced various methods of defeating jackets and clothing, and every draw during the weekend was from concealment.  By the 2nd day, drawing from concealment was no longer a thought, only an instinct from repetition.     Any skill learned, must be practiced, and the drills I picked up from Dave will go into my practice routine.  I recommend getting over to Handgun Combatives and getting a class scheduled with Dave soon!


Bryan Flannagan

5 Budget Firearms You Should Have: Part 1-Police Trade-Ins

Why don’t you own a police trade-in pistol?  Where else will you be able to buy a gently used Glock, M&P, or Sig for (usually) under $350 dollars?  Hopefully you already own one, but if you don’t… now is the time!
This is the first blog in a series on 5 budget firearms everyone should own.  If you are looking for a home defense weapon, a CCW weapon, a range gun, or building a firearms collection you do not have to spend 500-1000 of your hard earned dollars to get quality, dependability, and a firearm you can be proud of. This series will highlight 5 different budget priced firearm options that are available to you now.  There is no better way to kick things off then with the Police Trade-in genre.
There are many who believe budget and firearms do not belong in the same sentence.  This is the crowd who lives and dies by their Glocks, Smiths, and Sigs.  And who can blame them?  The reliability and plethora of aftermarket accessories for these pistols is unmatched.  Some of this series will be on changing the mindset of “if it’s not a Glock (or enter your favorite pistol) it’s junk!”, but for now let’s tip our hats to the Glock, Smith, and Sig fanboys.  If money were no object I would own one of every Glock model made.  The only thing stopping me is lack of funds.  If only there was a way to get all the benefits of owning a pistol from one of the big manufacturers without paying the hefty price tag that comes with it. As it turns out, there is.  Enter the Police Trade-in.  We have recently carried (and regularly have) Police Trade-in Glock 19, 23, 26, 27, 21, M&P 45s, & Sig Pros.  We are currently selling Police Trade-in Glock 22s, Full Size M&P 9s, and Full Size M&P 40s.  See the pictures below.


The guns are going to show some holster wear, but will be in excellent condition.  Most of them do come with night sights (though they will be dim.)  You might even get lucky enough to get one with department markings on it! These guns are by far the best bang for your buck.  The benefits of buying a Police Trade-in are:
-Proven Dependability
-Readily Available Spare Magazines
-Large Aftermarket Support (Holsters, Sights, Triggers Etc..)
-Quality Manufacturer Support
-Peace of Mind (You bought a quality piece!)
-Cool Factor (Owning a Police Gun is Cool)
I personally carry a Police Trade-in Glock 23.  Because it was a trade-in I wasn’t scared to customize it exactly the way I wanted it.  See the photo below, and yes it now takes Glock 27 magazines!


All things considered, if you are looking for a budget handgun your first choice should be a Police Trade-In.  Below is a list of links to our current inventory of Police-Trade In pistols.  We are working on new deals all the time.  Keep an eye on the New Products and Handguns section of our website, and sign up for our AIM Newsletter to get emailed on any future Police Trade-Ins we may and will receive.
LEO Trade-In M&P 9- $349.95
LEO Trade-In M&P 40- $329.95
LEO Trade-In Glock 22- $329.95
Part 2 will be coming soon.  Until then be safe, have fun, & shoot more.
Daddy Fungus
AIM Customer Service Manager