Aim Shirt Spotted!

Echofivekilo from rocking his Aim shirt at the Larue 3gun shoot in TX last week! Now thats a good looking shirt!

Spikes Shooting Team Rifle

Just got a new Toy in From Spikes Tactical today, this is the new Spikes Shooting Team Rifle. Tom Built this one for me, its only different in the stock i chose, here is a list of ingredients:
*Spikes Tactical Billet Lower & Billet Upper
*Lothar Walther 17″ SS Dimpled Barrel
*Melonite coated Spikes Tactical Dynacomp
*Custom lightened carrier Nickle Boron coated (yes thats TRICK)
*Geissele Super 3 Gun triggers
*Custom Spikes logo laser engraved on magwell
*Magpul CTR with Custom Buffer weights
*Spikes tactical BUIS
*Custom stempled MOE & AFG
*13.2 SAR
*Spikes Tactical Ambi Safety (as slick as ice!)
*KNS pin set
*Spikes Tactical Extended mag release
*BCM gunfighter Charging Handle
*Melonite coated Gas tube
*Melonite coated Custom gasblock (This is my personal favorite part, check out setscrew on the gas adjustment, trick!!!)
Gun weighs in at 6.8lbs without scope

Come see us at the NRA convention in Pittsburgh!

Join us for NRA’s incredible, six-acre, Guns Gear and Outfitter Show, this year being held in Pittsburgh on April 29th-May 1st. Admission to the exhibition hall is FREE for all NRA members. AimSurplus will have exclusive NRA show deals and discounts at booth 4033!

Battlecomp Muzzle Devices

Apparently Battlecomp Enterprises is not only good at making Muzzle Devices, they make a pretty good video as well. This one is worth a minute and thirty-four seconds of your time…

Polish Wifama wz.78 .22lr Military Training Rifle

Just Arrived! Original Surplus Polish Wifama kbks wz.78 .22lr caliber Military training bolt action rifles. Used in Poland to train the youth for future Military service. They feature heavy target barrels, removable AK style front and rear sights, milled scope rail, detachable 5rd magazine, a and adjustable trigger. Condition is as pictured with minor metal finish wear and minimal stock wear from light use and storage.
buy here

Shoot all day for $17, thanks to GSG

.22lr Fun
Like to shoot but can’t afford to shoot as much as you want???
GSG (German Sports Guns) makes a plinking King in .22lr. I have owned a GSG-5k SBR for a few years now and although it has put many smiles on my face, my new favorite is the GSG 1911 pistol. 80% of the parts are interchangeable with a standard 1911, and it has the weight and feel of my Kimber .45acp. $17 bought me a brick of .22lr and gave me a whole day of plinking, I just wish I had a sidekick to load my mags!