Surplus .308 AMMO is HERE!

Surplus S&B .308 Ammo has arrived at AimSurplus! This is 147grn FMJ .308 ammo made by Sellier and Bellott for military contracts in the early to late 70s! This ammo is literally older than most of our current staff at the time of writing this blog.

It’s packaged 20rds to a box. 53Boxes to a crate which ends up being 1060rds per crate. It’s “mildly” corrosive. So we recommend shooting it and probably cleaning that barrel first thing when you get home, if not even before you leave the range. The good thing about corrosive ammo is that it’s cheaper to shoot and sometimes easier to find. The downside is you have to be aware that if not cleaned properly can cause your barrel to wear significantly faster.

This ammo was designed for military contract guns which at the time had incredibly tough hammer springs. So this ammo would work great in things like FALs, G3s and even in AR10s. I would recommend for AR10s however, that you might need an increased hammer energy spring. The harder primers like something that can penetrate a little bit deeper than normal.

Gear, Gear, and More Gear

One thing that most gun guys have in common is a love for the “EDC World” or the Gear world or EDC items in general. If you carry a gun every day, your wallet, keys, phone, flashlight, and maybe a backpack to and from work, you’re in the EDC game whether you knew you were or not.

EDC just refers to your “Every Day Carry” The stuff that you take with you and keep on your person that are essential to your daily life. Some people get really heavy into it like I do. I have multiple bags set up for multiple different places/reasons. Not just guns either. It’s nice to have bags set up for going to work I can just toss my laptop and handgun into. If I’m taking the dogs to the park one full of supplies for that, but I can still toss my gun into. So I don’t have to swap over the medical kit, the knives, the masks. Ect. I just have multiples.

We have slowly been carrying more and more gear here at work. We are a Vertx Dealer, we carry more medical supplies and live-saving measures. We have been looking at some discreet ballistic plates to carry. We have flashlights and good knives. All kinds of things you could obsess over on their own. That’s why the EDC community is so much fun. There are so many different aspects to be a part of.

Everyone talks about truck guns. Some people EDC those, plates, carriers, and sometimes even more. I always love talking about and looking at other people’s EDC items because maybe somebody is carrying something you haven’t thought of. Even might be a product you’ve never seen that would answer some problems you have in your daily tasks. You never know.

With this being a blog on a gun website, I assume most of you (us) are carrying guns every day. Which means we probably dabble in the EDC lifestyle already I’d like to hear about what products you guys think are absolutely necessary EDC items? What do you EDC that maybe lots of other people do not? What items would you like to see us carry more of? Let us know on one of our socials and let’s talk about gear for a little while!

Shoot More, Train More!

This weekend after we finished out our Saturday shifts. A bunch of us loaded up our cars and headed down to our favorite range in the tri-state area, Impact Shooting Center. This place is almost like a second home to some of us. It’s a 3D range that allows you to draw from a holster, move and shoot and run drills to help you obtain a greater proficiency.

Lots of our guys take shooting and training pretty seriously. There’s this underlying voice in your head that tells you “if you’re gonna carry a gun every day and hold your life and others in your hand, you should be proficient with it”. One of my worst-case scenarios when carrying a firearm is having to use it. On top of that, it would be even worse if I had to use it and hurt somebody I didn’t intend to.

I think that if you’re going to take on that responsibility of carrying a firearm, you should take on the responsibility of being as skilled as possible with it. I see and hear all the time of gun owners who think they are “trained to carry a gun” because they took their CCW class. Almost anybody that has taken that class will tell you it’s not very good training if any at all. That depends greatly on who and where you take the class. Tons of CCW guys will buy their gun, take the class then shoot 1 time a year to make sure it still works. They don’t have a bunch of rounds through them, they are probably dry as a bone, the ammo hasn’t been cycled or anything at all like that. I would like to say that it’s probably a small number compared to the whole, but I believe it’s larger than I would like to admit.

I would recommend to all of you that if you felt like I just described you and your gun in the paragraph above, please go out and shoot. Please go out and get some training. Even medical training would be great as well. Right now with ammo being expensive and scarce, you might not want to shoot a bunch. So make the little bit of shooting you can afford to do, important. Practice drawing from the holster at home. Tuck your shirt in and practice drawing from concealment. Spend that little bit of extra on making sure you’re as prepared as you can be if the time ever comes.

Stay safe out there. Be prepared. Train hard and train often.

Breek Arms Warhammer!

The Breek Arms War Hammer Charging Handle has changed the game once again. I wrote about these guys a few weeks back, not realizing they were about to make some cool changes to the part between then and now.

We got in this new shipment last week and I didn’t even notice at first until we were talking about the new packaging. The biggest and I would say the best feature to mention that they have changed, is the sealed raised edge on the back of the body. For guys who shoot a bunch suppressed, this is a fantastic upgrade. Currently, there are only a few manufacturers who do this, and those charging handles run $70+. These are still the same old under $50 price.

The reason that the ledge is such a big deal is when you’re shooting suppressed, you get a bunch of gas released out of the back of the upper that shoots right into your face and eyes. The benefit of that raised edge on the back is because it seals that edge and keeps the majority of that gas just captured in the upper. Its a fantastic feature and I would love to see more people start doing this.

If you have multiple guns and you’re like me and don’t like having to move parts around between builds, it’s easier to buy several of these than say the Radian or the Geissele Charging Handles. You would be surprised by the difference that ledge makes, so grab one and check it out for yourself. Especially if you’ve been used to the hot gas in your face over the years.

I never knew I was a Gemini.

Everyone knows Primary Arms is constantly killing it in the optics game. They manage to come out with some cost-effective scopes that check all the boxes for multiple different areas in the gun world.

This newest release from them Is one I’m actually pretty excited about. Everybody loves a good prism sight. One of the most famous out there being the Trijicon ACOG. Some people prefer a fixed magnification like a 2 or 3 power, with an offset red dot, or even just a fixed 2 at all times. Plenty of reasons to like each way. Some people with eyesight problems where normal red dots flare up and become too difficult to use, even enjoy a nice 1 power prism that gives you an etched reticle you don’t have to worry about getting blurry on you.

The Trijicon ACOG has earned its pretty hefty price tag, but I think thats why this Gemini from Primary Arms is going to be super popular. It’s essentially a miniature version of the ACOG. They make a couple different versions so far. They have a fixed 2 and 3 power. A 9mm specific reticle and a 1 power version that I plan to pick up myself. The mounting system is awesome out of the box. It gives you the ability to use an absolute, lower 1/3rd, or even higher if you stack the pieces. I think it’s super awesome that PA has switched over to this kind of mounting system. If you don’t like it, then you can use any ACOG patterned mount instead.

The Gemini comes with the ever so popular ACSS reticle and 11 brightness adjustments. 1/2 MOA adjustable clicks on windage and elevation and a focus ring on the eyepiece. This scope provides a ton of features for well under 1/3rd the price of a new ACOG. I expect these to sell like hotcakes and be difficult to keep in stock. So before they sell out, head over to the website and try one out for yourself!

A New type of Mini Gun!

This week we got in stock something I would consider the coolest “Mini” Gun to grace our warehouse. Some people think 5 barrels, spinning faster than you can imagine, throwing lead down range at a rate you would need the bed of a pickup truck to be your magazine.

However, this time when we say minigun. We are talking about this Keystone Arms Mini Mosin. This thing is super cool. It is basically a scaled-down and converted to .22LR Mosin 9130.

Its super strange holding this thing in your hands. It looks every bit like a normal Mosin, just not at all the right kind of feel. The bolt pulls back, you load a single .22LR round and you’re off to the races. I think they may have missed the mark having it not accept a small magazine or something along those lines. It would be great for teaching any child or smaller person on, but as a full-sized adult who wants to enjoy this novelty. I wish it could plink faster.

We put a handful of these up on the website so if you’re interested in owning a small piece of history. These would be a cool item to add to the collection!

The Sound, of Silence….

One thing you always hear in the gun community is “One day I’ll get a suppressor”. I hear all of my buddies and guys I shoot with say this on a daily basis. Everybody wants one but lots of people aren’t willing to go through the steps it takes to get one because of all the stigma around how difficult they are to obtain. While they do require some paperwork on your end and a little bit of patience, they are still extremely easy to get.

One thing I enjoy about our showroom is that we have suppressors in stock for the locals to look at and purchase. Almost all of our employees own a suppressor and have been through the process. So they are all equipped with the correct information to hold your hand and walk you through the process if needed. The crazy thing though, is even though there are a large number of guys who will never own one, the number of guys who do own them and keep buying more keeps the suppressor market in a pretty high demand.

I would say suppressor manufacturers are just as busy/backed up as ammo and firearm manufacturers. Back a few years ago you could hop onto SilencerShop and order just about any suppressor you wanted. They even probably had a sale or a rebate on it. Everything was competitively priced and easy to get. Now that things have changed you don’t really see that kind of stuff happening anymore.

We are here to change that. This week for our showroom guys, we put several cans from a couple different manufacturers on sale! We want to keep this momentum going and keep people buying them and showing their support for suppressors. While we agree that the NFA should not exist, the best way to get it gone is to inform as many people as possible and to put NFA items into the hands of as many people as possible. When the stigma that Suppressors are for hitmen and James Bond is fully gone and old men aren’t afraid of the scary black rifles with hush tubes on the end has stopped, we will start to normalize the use of them and change and inform the community about how great and useful they are.

While we have these cans on sale, stop in and talk to our knowledgeable staff and consider finally taking that plunge into the NFA world. We are able to answer any questions you might have and also be able to let you handle and look at any can we have down in the showroom. Hope to see many of you down there this week!